This Ottawa sushi restaurant has a robot cat server and it’s like dining with the Jetsons

You will think you have traveled to this Ottawa sushi restaurant in the future. Move over Rosie the robot, this feline robot server named Bella will make you dream what you are dining with The Jetsons

Hockey Sushi is a restaurant in western Ottawa that serves a variety of rolls, Japanese favorites, and some Chinese dishes. You can order your meal via a tablet and it will be brought to you by Bella, the adorable robot you will see cruising the tables.

The experience doesn’t feel impersonal as Bella blinks and smiles at you, and she’ll even announce your meal is ready as she glides to your table.

While the robot can carry tons of orders at once, you’ll know which order is yours as the tray lights up blue. Once you’ve grabbed your plates, Bella will know when to fly to the next table once you hit “finish” on the screen.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, the experience can be made even more fun as Bella can serenade you with a classic “Happy Birthday” tune.

You can choose between an all-you-can-eat menu or pay per order, depending on what makes the most sense for you and your hunger pangs. Be careful not to get in Bella’s way as she slides around the restaurant, as the robot follows a set path based on the layout of the restaurant (and can’t really see you in the typical sense).

Hockey Sushi


Cuisine: Sushi and Japanese

Address: 4055 Carling Ave., Kanata, ON

Why you should go: You can be served by a cute robot server on your next sushi date, where it will feel like you are dining in the future.


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