This lavish $11.4 million mansion for sale in Toronto has a movie theater and sauna

If you had all the disposable income in the world and for some reason wanted to invest in overpriced Toronto real estate, what would your dream home have? A cinema to entertain? An aqua marine pool for summer dives? Would it be a sprawling mansion big enough for its own elevator?

A house just listed at 49 Plymbridge Road in Hoggs Hollow has all that and more, reserved for the elite only, given its $11.4 million price tag.

The stunning impressions of the ‘French Stone Castle’, as the estate agent calls it, begin in the foyer, where visitors are greeted with a dramatic forked staircase lit by a chandelier and a giant skylight above.

Who doesn’t love a dramatic split staircase? Photo from the list.

Those unwilling or unable to take the stairs can instead opt for the private elevator to get to the second floor, which is complete with six bedrooms, the first of which is larger than most Toronto apartments with a area of ​​1,000 square meters.

Work from home in your opulent wooden den (one of at least three office spaces in the house) before working out in your own gym/dance room or playing a tune on the piano in your main hall.

49 plym bridge

This striking library is one of a minimum of three designated office spaces in the house. Photo from the list.

You can also have a nice hot sauna after your dip in your very own inground pool (with waterfall of course), or watch a movie with some friends on your own large basement screen, equipped with large leather recliners.

49 plym bridge

A full theater in the basement to take your movie nights to the next level. Photo from the list.

Would you like a drink with that movie? Just for that, there’s a bar and wine cellar on the lower level, along with a party and games room in case you don’t want to hang out in any of the other rooms in your 7,300-square-foot home.

And if you have guests, don’t worry – if they get lost looking for the bathroom, they will eventually come across one as there are nine in all.

49 plym bridge

Sauna, anyone? Photo from the list.

Luxurious details abound throughout the home, from ornate crown moldings to coffered ceilings, high-end appliances (including a built-in coffee maker) to double-sided fireplaces, all open, airy and lit with natural light, pot lamps, or spark plug fixtures.

49 plym bridge

The house has a total of nine bathrooms, all opulent – this one has a bath with a view. Photo from the list.

Whoever buys the house has to cough up not only the exorbitant sale price, but another $45,000 a year in property taxes alone, so it really depends on how much money you make in this dream home fantasy.

49 plym bridge

The private, treed backyard has an inground pool with water feature. Photo from the list.

While the house is fit for a celebrity with all its ridiculous features, the finishes don’t feel as new or top-of-the-line as other comparable offerings, or as pretty as one like Drake’s house, which is just a few minutes’ drive away. .

But when you’ve got so many millions to throw around, who cares if it’s really worth it – the new owner will probably have enough money to remodel and update it the way they want, either way.

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