This is when a urine bug could be a sign of something more serious

Scientists have discovered urine bacteria that may be linked to aggressive prostate cancers.

According to experts at the University of East Anglia, this identification could help detect signs and potentially prevent dangerous tumors.

At present, it is too early to say whether the urine bacteria cause cancer or are just a useful marker.

Some bacterial infections play a role in the development of other cancers, such as an insect called H. pylori, which can cause stomach cancer. In these cases, a course of antibiotics can reduce the risk.

In the UAE study of more than 600 patients with and without prostate cancer, the study found the urine bacteria in those men who had prostate cancer.

The prostate is attached to a man’s urinary tract. The theory is that either undiagnosed infections lead to prostate cancer, as we see with stomach cancers, or that if you have prostate cancer, your body is less able to get rid of bacteria.

Experts are waiting to see if treating the infection with antibiotics eliminates the risk of prostate cancer. But to demonstrate this, more needs to be done.

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