This Cult Millennial Saucepan Is 20% Off (But Not For Long)

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Chances are, if you’re into food or interior design on Instagram, you’ve seen Our Place’s irresistible pastels on your social media feed.

The LA-based brand is a one-stop pot store — and yes, we’re talking edibles, but no, not like that! Our Place makes cookware, and it does it simply and very well, selling only two main products – the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot – in addition to a sophisticated range of stylish tableware and kitchen accessories.

What you may not know is that the brand was founded by a woman of color, CEO Shiza Shahid, a Pakistani-born entrepreneur and activist, who was also the co-founder and former CEO of The Malala Fund with Malala Yousafzai.

Shadid knows how to focus on the good stuff – Our Place has only been around since 2019, but the Always Pan has already built up quite a cult following in that time. And when you look at these photos, you understand why. It’s millennial catnip! At £125 it is certainly an investment piece but the idea is that once you spend those pounds you will be using it for years to come. Who doesn’t love a multitasker?

Still, we know that £125 is a LOT of money, so we’re bringing you the good news that you can currently get 20% off the Our Place Spring Sale. That means you become the proud owner of an Always Pan for just €100.

Pan, steamer, lid and paddle. The complete kitchen package

Designed as an all-rounder for your kitchen, the Always Pan promises to braise, sear, steam, strain, bake, roast and boil your food – meaning you can take your time on the wobbly stack of pans in your cupboard and simply go with it. just that one.

The 2.46 l pan has a non-stick, non-toxic ceramic coating and comes with both its own stainless steel steamer basket and a slim beech wood spatula.

TBH, we owe the popularity of Our Place to both the current color palette and the cooking know-how. Who among us doesn’t love a spot of pink, blue or green in the house? But we hear good things from those who do have one (including some of our colleagues).

And let’s face it – it’s easier to be positive about your culinary skills when you cook with a kit that looks this good.

Conveniently, all three colors of the Always Pan are on sale, along with navy, gray, and off-white, or a bold tomato red if you’re more into bright colors.

Also on sale right now for £110 (that’s £30 off the retail price of £140) is the Perfect Pot, a 5.2L casserole style pan that cooks, bakes, roasts, chips and steams – and is just as happy on your stove as it is in the oven.

Or if you really want to invest, you can buy both pans in a pack for £190, which, if you do the math, is a pretty impressive £75 discount.

Here’s all the important details and links to those deals – the sale won’t last long, so we’d say we’re snatching them up soon.

Save €25 on the Always Pan

There is currently 20% off the Our Place original in six different colors.

Save £30 on the perfect pot

Get 21% off the sister pan, still available in five fantastic colors.

Save £70 on the Always Pan / Perfect Pot duo

Save on both pans in one package, with the ability to mix and match colors.

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