This 5-minute mobility warm-up will revolutionize your workouts

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Most of us know that warming up before a workout is a good idea, but to reap the greatest benefits it takes more than a quick jog on the spot and those hamstrings you remember from PE.

Adding some mobility moves to your routine can improve your game and reduce DOMS, which stands for delayed-onset muscle soreness (if you’ve had it, you know it).

To get us started, PT and exercise specialist Tom Cuff-Burnett (@tomcuffb_fitness) provided HuffPost UK with a quick five-minute warm-up that can be practiced at the gym or at home without equipment.

“If properly integrated into your training schedule, a mobility warm-up can provide tremendous benefits in terms of executing movements with proper technique, as well as playing a role in preventing injury and improving and correcting postures,” says he.

The four moves give you a full-body mobility flow that primes key joints and muscles for most, if not all types of exercise/training sessions. But they also work as a standalone routine when you’re craving a quick “exercise snack,” in his words — “whether that’s just after waking up, getting away from the desk in the middle of the day, or the stress of the day.” before you hit the pillow.”

Perform 8-10 reps of each, from one to the other.

Walk out high plank

Place your feet hip-width apart, then hinge with the hips to reach for the floor, aiming to keep your legs straight as you do this. Once your hands make contact with the floor, slowly walk them in front of you until your palms end under your shoulders. Return to your original position by pushing your hips into the air and walking the hands back to your feet, slowly rolling down the spine as you stand up.

The largest piece in the world

This 5-minute mobility warm-up will revolutionize your workouts

Start in a semi-kneeling position, with one knee on the floor and one foot in front of you. Place one hand down and in line with the front foot, then lift your other arm toward the ceiling, looking at the tips of your fingers. Try to rotate the arm past the midline of the body, before slowly lowering it back down and threading it through and under the armpit of the supporting arm.

‘Cat-cow’ stretch

This 5-minute mobility warm-up will revolutionize your workouts

Start on all fours, with knees aligned under your hips and palms directly under your shoulders. Push up through your upper back (thoracic spine) and spread the shoulder blades apart to create a flexed stance. Then reverse this movement and send your chest toward the floor, pressing your shoulder blades together so that they come together and your back is hollow.

Downward > Upward Facing Dog

This 5-minute mobility warm-up will revolutionize your workouts

From a plank position, push your hips up into the air and tuck your head to face your feet so that your head and chest are toward your thighs. Try pushing your heels down into the floor before slowly moving your body back to the floor, resting your thighs down and pushing up through your palms with eyes to the ceiling. Pull your shoulder blades back and down to bring your chest through.

Move celebrates exercise in all its forms, with accessible features that encourage you to add movement to your day – because it’s not only good for the body, but also the mind. We get it: Workouts can be a bit of a slog, but there are ways you can get more exercise without fear. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, YouTube workouts or hula hoop routines, exercise should be something to enjoy.

This 5-minute mobility warm-up will revolutionize your workouts

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