Thieves target Sam Jidd Luxury Motors in Des Plaines for the fifth time; owner says he is leaving the Chicago area

PLAIN, ill. (CBS) — One of the most elite car dealerships in Chicago was targeted by thieves from Monday to Tuesday.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye reported Tuesday that the crew got away with three luxury vehicles — and something perhaps even more valuable.

The owner of Sam Jidd Luxury Motors, at 1505 S. Mt. Prospect Rd. in Des Plaines, said this is the fifth time in just over a year that thieves have struck.

The owner says that lax laws and police only encourage counterfeit crime.

“It’s going to be a nightmare this week,” said owner Sam Jidd. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

At the time of the collision, just before dawn Tuesday, an app on Jidd’s phone warned him that something was wrong. He watched in real time as thieves ran through his business.

“All the glass breaks – it’s crazy,” he said.

The thieves were in and out within two minutes. After the glass of a front door was shattered, a thief made his way to the back corner – where they detached a safe box protecting 130 key rings.

Surveillance videos show the thieves testing the remotes to find the corresponding cars. Accomplices in the back start testing cars there – they select three worth nearly $400,000.

The thieves then fled.

The last bit of surveillance video shows the start of a police chase that ends when police say it reached a high speed – and had to stop.

“This is the law in Illinois, which is ridiculous,” Jidd said. “It’s crazy.”

Thieves target luxury car dealership in Des Plaines


Jidd’s inventory is valued in the millions, but his peace of mind is disturbed.

“One hundred percent, it’s going to happen again,” Jidd said. “One hundred percent, it’s going to happen again.”

So security is added. And for Jidd’s dealership, there are already plans to move out of the Chicago area for areas that take crime more seriously.

“They’re so comfortable knowing they won’t be arrested. They’re driving a free car,” Jidd said. ‘It’s bad. It’s really bad.’

The Des Plaines Police Department says the investigation is continuing.

But Jidd says a lack of determination on the part of Des Plaines City Hall, local law enforcement and the Cook County Attorney’s Office makes his decision to leave a lot easier. He says he will likely be operating out of the state of Florida in a year or so.

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