These 5 movies and series are currently being shot in Ottawa and it’s such a busy year for film

At first glance, Ottawa may not seem like the biggest movie city next to Canadian hubs like Toronto or Vancouver. But Ottawa holds its own when it comes to its show reels.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is an impressive list of Christmas productions shot in the nation’s capital.

But Ottawa is actually experiencing one of its busiest years for film. According to the Ottawa Film Office, it’s up 30% from this time last year. So, if you’re super observant, you might be able to catch some film crews in town right now.

Here are five TV movies and series currently being shot in Ottawa.

Swindler Seduction aka Fool Me Twice

Filming in Ottawa from Tuesday is the upcoming TV movie
scammer temptation, which is directed by Jonathan Wright.

The UK-born director is best known for the 2017 creepy crime drama, The awakening of the zodiac, which was inspired by the Zodiac Killer. That film was also shot around Ottawa, mostly in Almonte, Ontario.

You may be able to see this production at the ByWard Market and other locations yet to be confirmed. Cameras will be set up on June 27 and will be completed on July 21.

Christmas designs, also known as Christmas Fixer Upper

Coming to Discovery+,
Christmas designs plays American actor Jessica Szohr, who you may recognize from shameless and Twin Peaks† This TV movie is directed by Canadian film director Pat Mills. Mills also directed the film, The Christmas Lineupwho was shot in Ottawa and Almonte, Ontario.

Christmas designs is filmed in various locations in Ottawa, but mainly in Almonte. Shooting started on June 6 and will continue until June 28. So maybe you can spot them this Tuesday.

The house next door

The house next door is also currently filming in Ottawa, which is directed by American director Stephen Tolkin. Tolkin is known for his crime dramas, some of which are based on crimes such as the Craigslist Killer or the Cleveland Abduction. He also directed the hit TV family drama exchanged at birth, which ran from 2011 to 2017.

This TV movie is set in private homes in the capital. Shooting started on June 13 and will run until July 5.

The Complicated Life of Léa Olivier – Season 3

Available on the network Club illico, the third season of the TV series
The complicated life of Léa Olivier shoot at various locations in Ottawa. Ottawa-based director, Martin Cadotte, has also directed the French series You me and Makinium

You might just see crews lined up around Cumberland, Strathcona Park, and Petrie Island, among other locations. Crews began filming on May 21 and will run through July 9.

Small Bites of the World – Season 2

The shooting of the second season of the youth cooking series, SmallBites of the world, is currently underway in Ottawa. The show will be available on the French Ontario streaming service TFO and is directed by Canadian director Émilie Martel. Martel has also directed two seasons of the animation documentary The Metis.

Little bites of the world being filmed onprivate homes in the city. The crews should finish shooting by the end of August.

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