‘There are several things in preparation’

After the release of Kang Daniel’s first full-length album last May, the singer-actor-CEO ensures that all of his follow-up projects are just as important.

After major breakthroughs abroad, such as booking American television appearances on The Kelly Clarkson Show and festival dates in JapanDaniel says he will continue to push additional visuals and projects related to The story, including taking the music with you on the road.

Kang Daniel will hold his “First Parade in Seoul” concert dates in his native South Korea next month on August 13-14, in person at Seoul’s Jangchung Arena and available via online streaming. But the star shares that he hopes to tour more overseas, including visiting fans in the massive touring market in the United States.

“I hope to do a world tour in the future after my solo concert in Korea,” Kang Daniel shared in an exclusive statement. “Nowadays I am preparing a performance for Summer Sonic 2022 [in Japan], and there are also several things in preparation that I can’t reveal just yet. Look forward to it and keep checking my promotions continuously. I hope to do more activities in the US and world markets in the future, and I sincerely expect to meet DANITY’s in the US as soon as possible! If I get more opportunities, I really want to come by more often.”

Before these concerts, fans can look forward to at least one more music video from The story (which has already sold more than 315,000 copies worldwide) after the recent release of the video “Parade”. Daniel adds, “For this album, I’ve tried to engage themes of a story that people can relate to rather than continue my story. ‘Parade’ is more aimed at office workers who are grieving, and I think everyone’s lives are valuable. and priceless, but sometimes they live to forget it. I wanted people to forget their difficult moments and just enjoy them, even if it’s just for today.”

Pre-order and general reservations for “First Parade in Seoul” tickets will open in the coming days.

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