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The Leofoo Village Theme Park has launched an “indecent” campaign that will offer visitors wearing a school uniform with a short skirt a discount on entry, sparking public outcry

A park representative said the campaign was aimed at giving students an “unforgettable getaway” at the end of the school year.

A theme park in Taiwan that gives perks to visitors wearing short-skirt school uniforms has sparked outrage with claims that the offer objectifies women.

The Leofoo Village Theme Park, in Hsinchu County, launched a campaign where visitors in school uniforms matching this description will be given a discount of NT$500 (£13.50), a discount of NT$999 (£27).

The deal was valid from June to the end of August for guests of all ages, the theme park said.

According to Taiwan News, those who wear school uniform skirts that are at least 10 cm (3.9 in) above their knees can also claim a free photo shoot.

The campaign had sparked criticism, with many noting that the discount objectifies women.

An Arab Kingdom themed area at Leofoo Village amusement park in Hsinchu County


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According to local news channel CNA, a comment on an online forum said there was “something lewd” about the park’s setup.

Wu Tzu-ying, the executive secretary of the nonprofit Modern Women’s Foundation, told CNA the park’s plan could lead to privacy concerns.

It had the potential to also increase the risk that women would have their upskirt photos taken, they said.

The campaign for school uniforms had drawn criticism, with many noting that the discount objectifies women


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A park representative told CNA the campaign was designed to give students an “unforgettable getaway” at the end of the school year.

There was no restriction on the gender or age of attendees wishing to get their hands on the discounted tickets, they said.

This meant that men could also appear in school uniforms with skirts.

According to the organizers, the promotion was inspired by the music video Loving You (爱你) by Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang (王心玲).

The promotion was reportedly inspired by a music video by Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang (王心凌)


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The clip shows teenage girls dancing in uniform.

The theme park came under fire earlier this year after allegations that neglect had resulted in the deaths of eight giraffes at the site over the past decade.

The Taiwan Animal Equality Association, Life Conservationist Association and AnimalSkies have asked authorities to ban Leofoo Village from importing giraffes as a result of the alleged mistreatment.

Most of the 10 giraffes died before age 10; much younger than they normally do in the wild.

According to Taiwan News, the latest incident took place in January, when a female giraffe named “Pudding” died at age 15 of enterotoxemia, a condition caused by a bacterial infection.

The other giraffes died from a variety of ailments, including inbreeding, falling, swallowing a plastic bag and parasitic infection, according to a joint statement from the animal welfare organizations.

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