The Young and the Restless: Victoria learns that Rey was killed in the car accident

to today The young and the restless to summarize:

Society: Nikki tells Victor that her phone call with Victoria has been cut off. Nikki says she heard about a car accident, so Victor calls the police.

Some berm in Wisconsin: Victoria’s car has gone off the road. Ashland wakes up to see flames erupting in Victoria’s car.

Ashland gets out and tries to douse the flames. Victoria is alive, but unresponsive, so he decides to pull her out of the car. He carries her to a nearby abandoned cabin. Victoria wakes up screaming for Ashland, get away from her. Ashland explains what happened and tells him to go find her phone, but no bueno. Victoria sees Ashland need to tell her something, but then she remembers that another car was involved. He tells her that the victim in the third car was Rey Rosales.

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