The worst Star Wars movie is getting a sequel?

Writer Jonathan Kasdan is eager to make a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, with Alden Ehrenreich returning in the lead role.

By Vic Medina | Published

Solo: A Star Wars Story died a pitiful death at the box office in 2018, but like Darth Maul himself, nothing ever really leaves Lucasfilm. In a new interview with’s Josh Wilding, writer Jonathan Kasdan expressed his eagerness to write a sequel to Solo, as the passage of time seemed to soften fans’ attitudes towards the spin-off, which starred Alden Ehrenreich. Kasdan admits that initial fan reactions to the casting and the film itself left him “conflicted” over the past few years, but he’s ready to revisit the story and characters he’s portrayed in the film.

“I think the reason for one Only 2 is if there is a good reason and I would definitely be game if there was,” Kasdan said. “There were so many great characters we were able to establish.”

Kasdan, the creator and writer of Disney+ Willow sequel series, admits that one of his motives behind the Star Wars sequel is to prove that Alden Ehrenreich was the right choice to play a young Han Solo. Ehrenreich was mercilessly (and many say unfairly) criticized for his casting and portrayal by some fans, who claimed he did not look and sound like the role of a young Harrison Ford.

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

“I think the strongest argument for a Only 2 is that the movie was Alden’s journey to own that cloak,” Kasdan said. And by the end I thought he actually did, and he didn’t get the fun of just living in it for a movie. So I would like to see him again.”

The second of the Star Wars spin-off movies made in the Disney era, Solos its troubled production history is legendary. The film’s original directors, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, left the almost-completed film after a clash of creative vision with Lucasfilm, and legendary director Ron Howard was brought in to save the project. He reportedly reshot about 70% of the film, and yet it failed miserably at the box office with a domestic tally of just over $200 million in ticket sales, which is considered a flop in the Star Wars universe.

The movie clearly has its issues; the pacing is soporific, the cinematography needlessly weak, and the shifts in tone are indicative of competing creative directions. Released in the months following the highly divisive The Last Jedithe resulting backlash did the film no favors, and fans stayed away in droves.

Rumors have been circulating for the past few months that Lucasfilm has been considering a way to return Soloeither in movie or TV series. Earlier this year, there were reports that Emilia Clarke could return as Han’s love interest in her own Qi’ra spin-off series, which would explore the character’s life as a member of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, led by Darth Maul.

Jonathan’s father Lawrence Kasdan (writer of The Empire strikes back and Raiders of the Lost Ark) who co-wrote Solo also expressed interest in a sequel. “I talk to Jon and Ron a lot about what went right and what went wrong,” he said of the film. “I’d be more interested in another movie, not a TV series.”

Jonathan Kasdan’s predilection for his experience making Solo transferred to Willowwhile casting Erin Kellyman (who played Enfys Nest in the movie) in the new series as the character Jade.

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