The thrill of The Chase Australia is more of a draw than a prime-time fare

And expect the thrills of State of Origin, Game One to grab the attention of the TV audience tonight.

Promotional image for The Chase Australia (Image: Channel 7/The Chase Australia)

Why dwell on last night when Origin One on Nine is on offer tonight? (That’s State of Origin, Game One for the uninitiated.) To divert your attention, Seven offers: Big Brother and ten has MasterChef Australiawhile on the ABC Gruen and the weekly magazine will float in the ether But if you like big men abusing each other, Origin is for you.

Chef last night again topped the trio of so-called reality shows with 743,000 national viewers (and maintained its No. 1 position in that pack from the previous Tuesday night, up 19% to 857,000). Nine Famous Pupil was next with 557,000 and saw its overnight and streaming numbers rise 19% to 740,000 over the course of the week from Tuesday last week. BB had 545,000 people last night and last week saw the audience jump from 56% to 740,000 people over the course of the week. Expect a similar-sized increase in the next seven days. Chef is still dominant in the demos.

Seven o’clock news dominated the night, and it does, although Origin is expected to dominate tonight. The 5:30 p.m. portion of The Chase Australia went within a tiny bit of 1 million national viewers – 997,000 – to be the most watched non-news program (again). It is always an indication of how weak the night’s supply is (with the exception of 7.30 and Home and away

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