The Pokémon TCG Art Exhibition Is Now Open

pokemon fans now have the chance to see a close-up of pokemon cards from all decades of the game thanks to an online art exhibition now open.

The Illustration Exhibition, first announced in late July, is now live for fans to visit via Anique’s website. The exhibition will run throughout August and September, ending in October, so you still have plenty of time to explore the different cards in the pokemon TCM.

This exhibit is divided into three categories with different maps in each. These are life, history and artists. As these names suggest, the Life category shows the environment and daily life of various Pokémon through TCG art. This category is divided into eight different environments.

The History category is broken down into year segments, and each contains iconic maps from that era. Here you can take a closer look at their unique art.

And the last category of Artists highlights the different artists that have worked on pokemon TCM over the years. As with the other two categories, artists are divided into different styles so you can check out the one you like the most.

While in the exhibit, you can click on any of the cards to get a closer look at the art of these cards without the text covering their impressive designs.

You have enough time to see this screen; it will remain live until October 22.

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