The Orville: New Horizons’ Anne Winters on Charly’s Story Arc and fans judging the character

The Orville: New Horizons got off to a shocking start, when Isaac decided to end his life after a crew backlash linked to the ongoing Kaylon War. Much of that hatred came from new Ensign Charly Burke, who is played by franchise newcomer Netflix alum Anne Winters. Winters’ character has certainly been criticized by fans for her attitude towards Isaac, and the hatred still comes. Well, the actress is aware of the backlash and while discussing her character’s arc, she responded.

Shortly afterwards I spoke to Anne Winters The Orville: New Horizons premiered, asking her about the experience of not only coming in as a newcomer to an established series, but also playing someone who serves as a sort of antagonist to a main character. Winters assured me that Charly Burke’s rough introduction didn’t put her off the part. And actually she found it exciting:

It was more exciting to play the one who might get some hate in the beginning. It’s always fun for me, as an actor, to portray someone I’m not in real life and then see the audience’s reaction to the journey I’m on as a character. Charly has a great storyline involving Isaac and the B&B on the Orville and just herself throughout the season. She may be what she is now [but] she certainly learns a lot on the Orville. I’m curious what the audience thinks by the end.

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