The Federal Nuclear Regulatory Authority approves the 2023 operational plan

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The Board of Directors of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation met and approved the operational plan of the Authority for the period from 2023 to 2026, regarding its future plan for the control of the nuclear and radiological sectors in the country.

FANR intends to implement a number of strategic projects and initiatives, which will include conducting regulatory activities related to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, research and development, the regulatory framework and strengthening national and international cooperation.


Board members were also briefed on the latest developments of the four units of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, where the first and second unit operate and produce electricity continuously, while the third unit is undergoing a series of tests in preparation for commercial operation. The Board of Directors commended the regulator’s efforts to ensure that the nuclear power plant complies with regulatory requirements.

The council discussed the Authority’s plan to carry out a number of research and development activities, in collaboration with national and international partners. Research and development activities will focus on a range of topics, such as enhancing Emiratis’ capabilities and expertise, monitoring the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, building an integrated decommissioning system for the plant, integrated radioactive waste management and environmental protection.


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