The Devil’s Hour trailer stars Peter Capaldi of Doctor Who fame

Peter Capaldi’s new show is almost Like it doctor who — except if the 12th Doctor’s relationship with time travel was more cerebral and theoretical, and also if the Doctor was a serial killer.

called The Devil’s Hourthe show stars Jessica Raine (become Elizabeth) as Lucy, a detective plagued by nightmares who becomes entangled in the web of serial killer Gideon (Peter Capaldi). It’s not clear if the time travel is actually happening, or if it’s all just psychological, but it sure looks intense.

The Devil’s Hour also has Nikesh Patel who, in addition to starring in Hulu’s Four weddings and a funeral, also appeared in a single doctor who episode (featuring Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, not Capaldi’s). And to tie a bow around the very bad Doctor Who equation, long doctor who showrunner Steven Moffat is executive producer of The hour of the devil.

The Devil’s Hour will be six episodes long and will premiere October 28 on Amazon Prime.

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