The Boys Showrunner Explains Soldier Boy and Homelander’s Surprising Connection

Editor’s Note: The below contains important spoilers for Season 3 Episode 7 of The Boys.the boys are back and better than ever! With Season 3 of the hit Prime Video series in full swing and now officially around the corner to its finale, we’ve been treated to the continued misadventures of our favorite irreverent, disturbing, and often downright annoying supes who couldn’t be further from heroic — as well as the group of misfits the show is named after, who are determined to hold them accountable for past and present disregard for humanity. Though last week’s episode “Herogasm” caused more than one shock in the wake of the wild party hosted by the TNT Twins — including a scene involving at least one member of the Seven’s fate, just to name a few. keep quiet about Starlight’s future with the team – looks like the surprise is still coming. This week’s episode revealed that the connection between Homelander (Antony Starr) and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is even closer than anyone could have expected, with the legacy supe calling Homelander to inform him that yes, they are related. More specific? They are father and son.


This move definitively changes the relationship between the characters from the original comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertsonwhere Soldier Boy and Homelander are unmistakable not related – and get really dirty with each other at Herogasm in an infamous scene. So when was the decision to make these two blood relatives actually made? According to showrunner Eric Kripkethe change in that relationship happened after Ackles was initially cast in the role:

“It happened early, but I think it happened after we cast Jensen, but it was in those early few…first months. We try to be very, very realistic, but we also have an element of the show that is completely “We’ve got this drug that causes humans to have magical properties, so it wasn’t reachable to say that, well, he’s not getting older, but could still be in the same older man and ultimately Homelander’s father.”

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As Kripke explained, the change was also driven by the writers who explored some of the key themes of the Season 3 story — and how many other characters struggled with a particular parental dynamic, more specifically fathers and sons and the kind of horrible behavior that can become. passed on or unconsciously inherited. When other relationships like the one between Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) are intertwined with the one between Homelander and Ryan (for obvious reasons), how could that intricate web get even more tangled?

On the other hand, it also introduces a very interesting key to the works in terms of Homelander’s plan to kill Soldier Boy, especially now that he knows that the other supe is someone who represents a connection he might want to have. In Kripke’s words:

†[It] came from a careful examination of the themes that developed before us. We just really noticed how much of the season was about fathers and sons and generational trauma, and [how] toxic masculinity is passed down from father to son through the generations in a really worthless and destructive way. Mother’s Milk has to do with his father, Butcher has to do with his father, Butcher has to do with his son, Homelander has to do with his son, and it just started to feel really organic like, ‘Well, we should be Homelander give a father, and it would be this man he hates and then realizes maybe he should love.’ If you’re very mindful and very clear about what your themes and your character arcs are, they provide really good signposts for what the plot should be.”

the boys Season 3 premiered with the first three episodes on Friday, June 3, with subsequent episodes released weekly on Fridays until the finale on July 8.

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