The Boys laugh at Morbius’ embarrassing re-release flop

Only four episodes into its third season, the boys has already packed its latest batch of episodes with pop culture references, and that trend is even spilling over into real-world marketing. The Amazon Original series takes inspiration from both Marvel and DC for a stark parody of a world where superheroes are controlled by corporate giants and corrupted by evil for their power.

Not only are the heroes of the boys focused on their activities by their business leaders, but they are also driven by sponsorship, marketing and endorsement points. The universe’s main superhero team, The Seven, act as the faces of the heroes of Vought International – starring in commercials, reality TV and big screen movies depicting their adventures.

The super-powered team recently played in Dawn of the Seven – a fictional blockbuster that takes its title from Batman vs Supermanthe poster of Avengers: Endgameand the story behind the creation of Justice League

Beyond that, the last season poked fun at all corners of pop culture, and now, the boys has turned his attention to morbius.

The Boys mock Sony for Morbius failure

the boys‘ official Vought International Twitter account mocked Sony for embarrassingly failed reissue of morbius† The post was accompanied by an image of the heroes Homeland, Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir and A-Train on the set of an in-universe superhero movie, Dawn of the Seven

the boys

Promoted Vought International’s post Dawn of the Seven‘s theatrical reissue, urging moviegoers to use the promo code “ITS-MAEVIN-TIME,” a twist on the viral “It’s Morbin’ Time” meme:

“#DawnOfTheSeven is back! Despite still being in theaters, we’ve heard all your tweets and will be re-released this week! Don’t miss your chance to relive all the action: use the code ITS-MAEVIN- TIME to get a discount on your second ticket until June 30.”

After a failed box office run and viral meme, Sony recently re-released morbius in theaters while still playing on screens in many regions, to see it struggle a second time.

The Boys continue to mock pop culture

the boys has always served as a parody of the Marvel and DC universes in an attempt to provide a more realistic example of what a world full of super-powered individuals would look like. Amazon has definitely stepped up its game when it comes to more direct references in the final season, and this morbius-targeted mail is just the latest example of that.

Vought International can only hope so Dawn of the Seven‘s reflection of morbius‘ reissue won’t be a sign of bad things to come for his fictional movie. Finally, morbius brought in just $300,000 over its re-release weekend, and yet a petition is now going viral for Sony to get its Marvel adventure in theaters for a third spin.

Amazon is far from the first company to poke fun at morbius, as both KFC and GFUEL previously leaned into the viral meme. “It’s Maevin’ Time” is a clever twist on the viral “It’s Morbin’ Time” jokes, trading Jared Leto’s Marvel vampire for Dominique McElligott’s Queen Maeve, the boys‘Wonder Woman replacement.

While morbius continues to take over social media, the boys is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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