The best animated TV and movies of 2022

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A piece of‘s theatrical films were generally fine. Well, they used to be terrible until creator Eiichiro Oda started doing more with them, but overall they all ended the same way: Monkey D. Luffy and his crewmates, and maybe a few more popular characters, team up to fight a new, ultra-powerful, non-canonical enemy. But Red is different in almost every way, and for the better. It fills in Luffy’s backstory by introducing Uta, the daughter of A piece of‘s most enigmatic character, Shanks. When tragedy separates them, present-day Luffy discovers she’s become a kind-hearted pop idol bent on saving the world through her music, but at a sinister price. Red gives Luffy an enemy that isn’t obviously evil, and one that he can’t defeat by punching them. The result is A piece of‘s most introspective, unique film to date. And Uta’s songs are absolutely amazing too.

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