‘The Adam Project’ Star Jennifer Garner Just Posted The Most Incredible Photo

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Jennifer Garner always keeps it real on Instagram. Between her amateur cooking shows and joyful dancing videos, her fans love seeing these candid glimpses into her everyday life.

The Adam Project star took a break from talk shows and glamorous red carpet appearances to share a throwback photo from her childhood, and it has everyone feeling nostalgic.

Along with being a Hollywood star and mother of three, Jennifer is also the co-founder of Once Upon a Farm, a company that offers nutritious snacks and food to babies and older kids while giving back to the community. Some of the fruits and veggies that go into the food are grown on Jennifer’s century-old family farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. This photo of “little Jen” is from that same farm.

A young Jennifer proudly holds up a tiny fish at the end of a fishing rod. She has a bowl cut and wears jeans and a red Raggedy Ann T-shirt with a sweatshirt tied around her shoulders.

The 49-year-old actress captioned the photo, “Someone I love: little Jen. ♥️ Chances are good that I caught this fish because Uncle Robert pointed out exactly where it would be hiding in the pond on the family farm. ♥️ @onceuponafarm .”

Jennifer’s photo got more than 135,000 likes and nearly 1,200 comments. Many of the comments addressed Jennifer’s T-shirt: “Pretty sure I can find myself in that same T-shirt! ♥️ ,” “Awe, raggedy Ann. I had that doll #childhoodmemories,” and “Is that Raggedy Ann on your shirt ? Flashback! 😍”

Up next, Jennifer is staring as Hannah Hall in The Last Thing He Told Me, an AppleTV series based on the best-selling novel by Laura Dave. her latest movie, The Adam Project, is streaming on Netflix.

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