The 20 Most Iconic Cases of Copyright Infringement

The Songs: Salvatore Acquaviva’s “Ma Vie Fout Ie Camp” vs. Madonna’s “Frozen”

This might be my favorite copyright infringement lawsuit ever — other people have favorite copyright infringement lawsuits too, right? So the lawsuit starts like any other. In 2005, Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva claims that Madonna’s “Frozen” stole parts of his song “Ma Vie Fout le Camp”.

The judge rules in favor of Acquaviva, but no credits will be exchanged and no money will be paid. Instead, according to Acquaviva’s attorney, “Madonna must remove all remaining drives from sale and orders that [Belgian] TV and radio can no longer play ‘Frozen’.”

To make matters worse, this issue resurfaced years later in 2014 when another artist claimed that both Acquaviva’s “Ma Vie Fout le Camp” and Madonna’s “Frozen” actually plagiarized their song!

Best of all, this second lawsuit resulted in the ruling that all three songs were “not original enough” to have plagiarized the others. I mean, end a nine-year ban on a Madonna song and multiple copyright claims by ruling that none of the songs are anything special? You better call Saul wish it could come up with this stuff.

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