Telling people why they really live in Vancouver ‘despite the climbing costs’

Everyone knows Vancouver, BC is one of the most expensive places in Canada, and actually the third least affordable housing market in the world.

Buying a home in Vancouver isn’t cheap, rents are rising again, and don’t even get the locals talking about the rising cost of gas. Combine it all and your wallet is sure to take a hit — which is one of the reasons the living wage for Vancouver is higher than the rest of the province.

So it begs the question: who in their right mind would choose to live there?

There’s a Vancouver Reddit thread coming through to answer that question, for anyone thinking about moving to Vancouver.

If you already live in the city, you will definitely appreciate everything you get for the high price you pay. After all, people still choose to live in the city, because that clearly has its advantages.

The views in Vancouver are undeniably breathtaking. On a clear day, you can see the mountain peaks from almost anywhere in the city.

Apparently it even beats Toronto for some people willing to pay more if it benefits their own mental health.

Vancouver is super close to the US so traveling is a lot easier and cheaper.

If you’re not a fan of Canadian winters, Vancouver is as good as it gets.

Many people live super happy in the beautiful place, which is a unique mix of peaceful nature and bustling city life.

Some people even go as far as to say that this is the best place they have lived in the country.

The SkyTrain got a few shout-outs, and not just for having Seth Rogen as the voice before – although that was legendary.

One user said they like the “weather, transportation system, food, reputation, cleanliness”.

The comparisons to Alberta were downright hilarious. But really – who would want to live the cowboy life, when you can be a surfer brother instead?

No one stopped Alberta’s roasting — or criticized the fashion choices there.

The Reddit thread was super heartwarming and showed how proud the Vancouverites are of their city.

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