Ted Cruz Worries Disney Will Show “Micky and Pluto Are Going For It” And Twitter Has Questions

The bizarre right-wing war against The Walt Disney Company entered a new phase on Tuesday when US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested that Disney plans to broadcast animated gay porn featuring two of its most beloved male cartoon characters.

Republicans have been beside themselves since Disney’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek publicly condemned Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law in March. A few weeks later, the company’s heir, Charlee, came out as transgender.

Numerous conservatives have berated Disney for supporting its LGBTQ+ workers. But Cruz’s latest comments are by far the strangest uttered by GOP homophobes (so far, at least).

Recall that Cruz’s eldest daughter, Caroline, revealed in January that she is bisexual and stated that she “disagreeed” with her father’s toxic bigotry.

“A lot of people judge me based on him at first glance,” Caroline said at the time. “But I really don’t agree with most of his views.”

The senator’s freaky diatribe made it abundantly clear that he is impassive and will continue to promote bigotry.

“I think there are people who are tricked, trying to drive, you know, Disney steps in and says, you know, in every episode, now they’re going to, you know, you know, Mickey and Pluto pretend, really ?!” Cruz exclaimed on his podcast: Verdict with Ted Cruz

“Thanks for that image, Senator,” Cruz’s guest interrupted.

“You know, but it’s just like, like, come on guys, like, like, these are kids, and, and, you know, you can always switch to Cinemax if you want to, like, like, why did you – it used to be — look, I’m a dad,” Cruz continued. “Like, you used to put your kids on the Disney Channel and you’re like, okay, something harmless is going to happen.”

Watch below via The Recount:

Since Cruz was Cruz, he shared the clip and dug in deeper.

“Hysterical – leftists think parents want to wake up companies that indoctrinate our children,” he tweeted. “It’s not complicated: don’t talk about sex – gay or straight – with small children!”

Twitter meanwhile had a lot of questions, such as why people like Cruz are incessantly fixated on sex.

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