Take a look behind the scenes at Nope

I never imagined it when I watched the first episode of Key & Peele that America’s next great horror director was right under my nose. During the first season of Jordan Peele’s sketch show, I was a weekly viewer and thought the scope of his genius was only in comedy. After the final curtain on the series, I thought a movie career was not far off, but I shrugged off Peele as an artist, not an author. And then I saw Out.

Peele’s creative sensibilities have always had to do with race, but since becoming a film director, he’s given a new wrinkle to an old conversation. Out didn’t just feel like a black story; it felt like my story. Was it because I took a white girl as a date to see the movie? That’s a possibility, but I think the film appealed to me because of Peele’s ability to emphasize the nuance of race in America. Obviously, the cogs in his mind never stop turning.

In the video linked above, you can get a glimpse of the creativity in Peele’s mind thanks to a behind-the-scenes look at his new movie no

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