Arne Glimcher, the art world’s original pacemaker, starts again at 84

Mid 2021 will Arne Glimcher, the 84-year-old founder of Pace Gallery, the oldest of the global mega-galleries, stood in front of an abandoned storefront on Broadway below Canal Street. It was a block from the famous semi-legal street markets selling counterfeit Gucci bags, a stretch of Broadway where the last edges of Chinatown merge into … Read more

What was Dimes Square? † Vanity Fair

Michele Maccarone opened her gallery at 45 Canal Street on November 3, 2001, the smell of the World Trade Center collapse still lingered a few blocks away. The off-grid block cluster where Division and Canal meet between Essex and Allen was a pair of electronics stores and Chinese restaurants at the time, as well as … Read more

Inside the Wild West Auction for Ernie Barnes’ ‘The Sugar Shack’

And now the forces within the art market are placing big on an artist who once struggled to break through sales at auction houses like Swann’s, which target African-American artists. On Thursday, New York galleries Ortuzar Projects and Andrew Kreps, along with talent agency affiliated art firm UTA Fine Art, announced that they would all … Read more

Could Eric Adams’ New York Finally Make ‘Art Week’ Possible?

Coincidentally, Adams had taken a trip out of town after his after-party appearances. On Tuesday, he flew to Los Angeles, where he Dave Chappelle‘s ill-fated show at the Hollywood Bowl and attended a black-tie event at the once “homeless billionaire” mansion Nicolas Berggruen bought last year for $63.1 million. Berggruen, who recently captured several palazzos … Read more