Know your artist: Hilary Paige

What are you doing? In my painting practice I work with ink and mixed media. I make emotional abstract art. So I start with alcohol ink and then pick up acrylic ink which is more viscous and has an incredible push/pull dance with the inks and also allows me to embed mica flakes. They look … Read more

Burning question: Some of us enjoy Frosty the Snowman popping up in the cold November rain, and others don’t

From what exactly is chopped to who Mariah Carey asked to ruin the holidays, there are things that inquiring minds want to know. We ask important questions so you don’t have to. This week’s burning question: “Christmas in November. Too fast, or not fast enough? “In those halcyon, pre-pandemic days before the advent of the … Read more

Commentary: Vancouver’s choice to adopt a controversial definition of anti-Semitism should worry us all

By Rachel Tetrault The first time I really understood what it meant to be Jewish was when I was 14 years old. I prepared for my bat mitzvah where I would give a speech about what Judaism represented to me in front of all my family and friends. Before this moment I hadn’t given it … Read more

Vancouver’s newly minted Michelin stars enjoy the recognition without reservation

By William Johnson The day after being awarded a Michelin star, Barbara Restaurant’s team had almost no time to celebrate. For the first time, they were 100 percent booked for their Friday service. There was serious work to be done. And even after navigating that evening, there would be no prospect of rest. According to … Read more

Yu Su worked alone. Then she started a band.

Yu Su (苏玉) spent the summer at festivals around the world, but nothing beats coming home to Vancouver. “I was gone for almost four months. And when I got home, when I landed, I just got off the plane and smelled the cedar and the ocean,” she tells the Straight ahead over the phone. “I … Read more

Tom Jackson’s Stories, Songs & Santa Causes tour promises hopeful holiday vibes

Tom Jackson – singer, actor, philanthropist and former chancellor of Trent University – wants audiences to feel the power of generosity this holiday season. “The gift is in the giving,” he tells the Straight ahead via video call from Ottawa. “What if the person you helped paid it forward, and what if that person paid … Read more

With the latest cover, Phoebe Bridgers proves once again that Christmas music doesn’t have to be so terribly cheerful

The days are getting darker, rents are rising, inflation is skyrocketing, the war in Ukraine rages on, we’re heading for climate catastrophe, Twitter is on fire and Vancouver’s forecast calls for nothing but rain rain rain rain rain rain. So there’s really nothing more irritating than Christmas celebrants clamoring for a cheery attitude this time … Read more

Looking back, looking ahead: staff writer VS Wells on the straight’s not-so-straight history

For something called the Straight aheadVancouver’s hippie newspaper has long supported the queer community. The Georgia straight was founded in 1967, two years before Bill C-150 decriminalized same-sex activity. It made history by hiring the first openly queer columnist in Canada in 1970. Kevin Dale McKeown recalled the fateful encounter in a 2020 essay: “Are … Read more

Get well soon ‘mushroom | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

If you want clear your mindVancouver is the place to be. From the colorful storefront pharmacies to the local online marketplaces selling microdoses, psilocybin snacks, and trace kits, psychedelics are just as much a part of the urban fabric as CoolSculpting and CrossFit: not for everyone, but hard to miss. İlayda Gökçen, president of UBC’s … Read more

Rising food prices are driving up Vancouver’s living wage

Metro Vancouver’s living wage increased by 17.3 percent between 2021 and 2022, boosted by rising rents and rising food prices, according to a new report from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and Living Wage for Families BC. In the 14th annual report, researchers calculated that a family with two children would need two … Read more