A sudden Ukrainian request to join “NATO” .. Russia promises victory

Capitals (agencies) Yesterday, at a concert on the occasion of Russia’s annexation of four regions of southern and eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised his country would be victorious in his 7-month-old military campaign, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky an urgent and sudden request to join NATO. NATO,” and ruled out talks with Putin … Read more

Zelensky: We will not tolerate the expropriation of any part of our land

Moscow (agencies) The Kremlin has announced that Russia will officially annex 4 Ukrainian regions controlled by its troops in a grand ceremony to be held in Moscow today. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the annexation process will be made official at a ceremony in the Kremlin. He added that the … Read more

Russia accuses the West of declaring a ‘cold war’

Dina Mahmoud (capitals) Yesterday, the Russian National Security Council accused the West of declaring a new “cold war” against Russia, calling for taking advantage of the “Caribbean crisis” to address current differences. “The West has started a new cold war against Russia,” Russia’s TASS news agency was quoted as saying by the deputy secretary of … Read more

Biden: long road to Ukraine’s liberation

Capitals (agencies) Ukraine has set its sights on the liberation of all Russian-occupied countries after the country pushed back into the northeast in a swift counterattack, a goal US President Joe Biden said would be “long”.In a speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country’s troops have liberated about 8,000 square kilometers so far this … Read more

Johnson in Kiev for Ukrainian Independence Day

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Kiev on Wednesday, where he praised the “strong will of Ukrainians to resist” the Russian attack, as Ukraine commemorates its independence and the Russian attack on his country enters its seventh month.“The Ukrainians have a strong will to resist,” Johnson told reporters during the surprise visit. This is … Read more

The Russian ruble jumps to a high near 59 against the dollar

The ruble rose to its highest level in more than three weeks against the dollar and the euro on Thursday, as did Russian stocks.At 14.44 GMT, the ruble was 2.4 percent higher than the dollar at 59.27, having previously reached its highest level since July 26 at 58.90.Against the euro, the ruble rose 2.8 percent … Read more

UAE: The success of the “Istanbul Agreement” depends on its full implementation

Capitals (Union, Agencies) Yesterday, the UAE stressed the need for the full implementation of the agreement concluded in Istanbul between Russia and Ukraine under the auspices of the United Nations, to export grain, food and fertilizers, and praised the valuable role of the Secretary-General of the United Nations United Nations and the Republic of Turkey.In … Read more

European Union spokesperson for the Union: Ukraine’s grain export agreement is a step to tackle food shortages

Wael Badran (Abu Dhabi) European Union spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa, Luis Miguel Bueno, confirmed that the European Union welcomed the agreements signed in Istanbul between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations to open up the Black Sea for Ukrainian grain exports, noting that it is a crucial step to tackle … Read more

UAE: Agreement between Russia and Ukraine to ship grain is a positive step

Abu Dhabi (WAM) The UAE welcomed the signing of the “Initiative for the Safe Shipment of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports” agreement, and praised the tireless efforts of the Republic of Turkey and the United Nations to reach this important agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said the agreement signed in … Read more