Treaty 9 First Nations File for Action Against Ontario

Three Ontario First Nations have filed a lawsuit against the provincial government for managing the province’s boreal forests. The leaders of the Missanabie Cree First Nation, Brunswick House First Nation and Chapleau Cree First Nation have filed a lawsuit alleging Ontario is responsible for the deteriorating health of the province’s boreal forests. They claim Ontario … Read more

Queen’s Death: Who Gets Her $630 Million Fortune And Why We’ll Never Know

For decades, courtiers, Downing Street and Whitehall have been working on Operation London Bridge, the extraordinarily meticulous and detailed plan that went into effect in the early hours of Friday morning, AEDT, with the death of Her Majesty the Queen. From the shroud bearers who will already practice carrying a lead-lined coffin to the three … Read more

Nick Kyrgios sued by Wimbledon fan Anna Palus whom he called ‘drunk’

A lawyer who accused Nick Kyrgios of having ‘700 drinks’ during the Wimbledon final is suing the tennis star for libel. Anna Palus was removed from the audience after the Australian tennis badboy claimed she distracted him drunk from serving. She has denied the claim and has now launched proceedings against Kyrgios to “clear her … Read more

Kensington and Chelsea: Airbnb to partner with municipalities to expose rental frauds

C Municipal tenants who illegally sublet their homes on Airbnb are at greater risk of exposure following a landmark court ruling. The online rental company has agreed to share financial information with the City of Kensington and Chelsea after the Supreme Court approves a system that removes the risk of both parties inadvertently violating GDPR … Read more

Kate Greville’s sister claims ex-footballer threatened to headbutt her next time

CHris Daw QC (CD), for the defense, began his cross-examination of Elsa Roodt (ER). CD: You said that Mrs. Greville started working for you for two years in 2015. Has that data been checked or is it best from memory? ER: Memory. CD: If I’m introducing you, it was actually October 2016 to around Christmas … Read more

Kate Greville ’embarrassed’ that she stayed with ex-footballer who ‘promised the world’

Eeventually Mr. Giggs was left alone again and went back to the hotel room alone, the court was told. Coming to what happened that night, according to Mr. Giggs’ team: Chris Daw QC (CD): You were with other people, all work related to Ryan. Kate Greville (KG): Yes. CD: And then he went to the … Read more

Supreme Court dismisses appeal to transfer him to hospice to die

Archie Battersbee can’t go to hospice, the Supreme Court ruled, saying it’s not in his best interests. Ms Theis’s ruling at the Supreme Court on Friday showed that Archie’s move to hospice should be seen in light of his medical position which is “becoming shaky” and that when his best interests are considered, he will … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s unprecedented pressure after 12 days of hell

The very best thing about being Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, right now, as far as I know, is that no one is going to let them go to Birmingham. The Commonwealth Games open on Friday in the city of Midlands and several members of the royal family will be sent out … Read more

‘Wagatha Christie’: Vardy loses to Rooney in celebrity defamation lawsuit

A British judge on Friday labeled English footballer Rebekah Vardy’s wife a liar and dismissed her “Wagatha Christie” libel charge against Coleen Rooney after a trial that lifted the lid on celebrity cheating. Supreme Court Justice Karen Steyn found that Rooney’s allegations against Vardy were “essentially true” and that Vardy was complicit in her agent … Read more

Parliament: Barnaby Joyce’s father, James Joyce, dies at age 98

Barnaby Joyce mourns the loss of his beloved 98-year-old father James Joyce who passed away last night. The former Deputy Prime Minister raced from Canberra to the family farm in his NSW New England voters Monday night after hearing his father had taken a worse turn. The father of Barnaby and the beloved grandfather of … Read more