Will Finland and Sweden join NATO make Europe a safer place? † NATO

Video duration 24 minutes 40 seconds 24:40 Finland and Sweden have decided for years not to join NATO. Both have a long history of staying neutral during wars and staying out of military alliances. That all changed when Russia invaded Ukraine. Scandinavian leaders blame President Vladimir Putin for endangering security in Europe. For Finland, the … Read more

Viewpoint: Problems in the Metaverse | Science and technology news

By: Asia The Metaverse is coming. Can Big Tech Keep You Safe There? Big Tech companies are racing to build the Metaverse, but these new worlds already have a security problem. Vantage Point asks, “Can the people who built today’s social media environment be trusted to protect us in the next generation?”

Can elections lead to stability in Somalia? † elections

Video duration 25 minutes 00 seconds 25:00 By: Inside Story Somalia’s long-delayed presidential election is set to take place on Sunday. After more than a year of delays, violence and uncertainty, Somalia is ready to vote for its next president. The original plan was to hold elections with one person and one vote for the … Read more

Shireen Abu Akleh: ‘Killed in cold blood’ | Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By: The listening post Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, murdered by the Israeli army, was ‘the voice of events in Palestine’. Plus the disinformation from the Wagner Group in Mali. Impunity in the Holy Land. Will Israel be held accountable for killing Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh? Contributor: Diana Buttu – human rights lawyer and … Read more

What is the future for the economy under the new Philippine president? † Business and Economy

By: Counting the costs Ferdinand Marcos Jr has won the presidential election, but there are challenges to achieving a robust economic recovery. The Philippines has been ravaged by the pandemic and a deep recession. Now, after more than two years of lockdowns, people are returning to their daily lives and the economy is expected to … Read more

Is Rajapaksa’s Political Dynasty About to End? † political news

By: Inside Story Sri Lanka’s most powerful political family faces escalating protests over an economic crisis and corruption allegations. For months, protesters have been chanting ‘go home’ telling Sri Lanka’s most powerful political family it’s time to leave. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his brother, former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, are accused of corruption and mismanagement … Read more

Fresh Farm: A farmer and businesswoman in Zimbabwe | Business and Economy

By: Africa Direct Nomaliso Musasiwa’s technical business connects farmers and consumers to provide Zimbabweans with fresh produce. Nomaliso Musasiwa does not believe in waiting for the government to solve problems, so she is tackling Zimbabwe’s food challenges directly. She runs a fresh food technology company that connects smallholder farmers with online customers – from locals … Read more

Will Hong Kong’s new leader further erode freedoms there? † Politics

Video duration 25 minutes 05 seconds 25:05 By: Inside Story John Lee is the former security chief who led the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. The result was a foregone conclusion as there was only one candidate to choose from. After a secret ballot, Hong Kong has a new leader. John Lee will replace Carrie Lam … Read more