Tom Holland would be a great Zorro according to Antonio Banderas

CNN — In the age of reboots, revivals, and prequels, Antonio Banderas shares thoughts on who would make a good choice to follow in his masked footsteps as the legendary Zorro. The actor, who played the badass hero in 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro” and its 2005 sequel “The Legend of Zorro,” said in a … Read more

Matthew Modine had good reason to turn down ‘Top Gun’

Movie history is full of name actors who turned down key roles. Tom Selleck didn’t want to play Indiana Jones. Eddie Murphy didn’t want to play Eddie Valiant Who framed Roger Rabbit. Halle Berry did not feel what the role of Sandra Bullock became Speed. John Travolta didn’t say yes to it American gigolo and … Read more

Kevin Bacon talks about Guardian’s Holiday Special, MCU Induction

Image: Frederik M. Brown (Getty Images) If there’s one thing the MCU can often count on, it’s often one call back. The recently released Guardians of the Universe holiday special offers arguably the biggest callback of the entire venture by bringing in Kevin Bacon as himself. You may remember that Star Lord by Chris Pratt … Read more

Filmmaker Albert Pyun has passed away at the age of 69

Filmmaker Albert Pyun passed away in Las Vegas on Saturday at the age of 69 Variety. The news was confirmed by his wife and producer Cynthia Curnan on Facebook, and comes years after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and dementia. “I sat with him for his last I sat with him for his last … Read more

Chris Hemsworth explains why he quit

The next movie in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek 4, has been a long journey. The movie, which would be the 14th in the overall franchise and the fourth in the reboot series, has been in development in some iteration since 2015 and while it seemed like we were getting close to the movie … Read more

The reckoning will make Disney’s deer a killer

Image: disney You may recall that news broke earlier this year about a horror movie based on Winnie the Pooh, Of all things. Now that the character has re-entered the public domain after Disney let the rights lapse, Pooh: Blood & Honey took the kids character and turned him into a serial killer, after which … Read more

New Disney movie bombs at the box office

The holiday movie season is officially here with Thanksgiving weekend people flocking to theaters, but while Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continues to dominate at the box office, Disney’s latest film, Strange world, can’t say the same. Disney Animation’s new film, which was projected to have a $30 million five-day opening, only grossed $11.2 million … Read more

Rian Johnson on Knives Out’s franchise future, avoiding fatigue

Image: Netflix When the original Knives out released in 2019, it received such a strong, mostly positive response that it came as no surprise when a sequel was eventually announced. Glass onion, which recently began its week-long theatrical run before heading to Netflix on December 23is the first of two Knives out continuation the director/writer … Read more

New logo suggests Dreamworks is still weirdly proud to be the Boss Baby studio

Claim – against all odds! – that they are still very proud to be the studio behind two Boss honey movies two Boss honey TV shows, several Boss honey short films and TV specials, and, indirectly, the “Chronology” section of the Boss honey media franchise’s personal Wikipedia pagewhich explains the timeline of all of the … Read more