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In Rome’s Via Della Scrofa, not far from the seat of parliament in the historic center, a stone tablet and a dried-out wreath commemorate Alberto Marchesi, an anti-fascist resistance fighter who was executed in 1944 by the German SS in the Ardeatine Caves. plaque hangs to the left of a wide arch in the facade … Read more

Italy gets new tranche of EU funds as the dust of the vote settles

ROME — The European Commission on Tuesday approved the next €21 billion ($20.2 billion) tranche of Italy’s pandemic recovery funds, a welcome infusion that comes amid questions about whether Giorgia Meloni and her Eurosceptic party, national elections will be able to keep the funding in. The outgoing government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, a former … Read more

Europe’s right cheers on Meloni’s win in Italy, while others watch nervously – POLITICO

The right wing of Europe applauds Giorgia Meloni’s expected victory in the Italian elections. Everyone else looks anxiously at what is about to happen. Meloni will lead Italy’s most right-wing government since Benito Mussolini, after the coalition led by her Brothers of Italy party won about 44 percent of the vote on Sunday. On Monday … Read more

EXPLANATION: Italian elections only part of choosing the government

ROME — Sunday’s parliamentary elections will determine who is next in Italy. But it could be weeks before there is an actual coalition government to run the major industrial economy and key NATO member. Polls indicate voters could elect the first far-right prime minister of the post-World War II era — and the first woman … Read more

‘Critical’ vote could move Italy to the right; many could boycott

ROME — Italians will vote on Sunday in what is being billed as a pivotal election as Europe reels from the fallout from Russia’s war in Ukraine. For the first time in Italy since the end of World War II, the elections could propel a far-right leader to the premiership. Rising energy costs and soaring … Read more

Floods in Italy kill 10; Survivors plucked from roofs, trees

CANTIANO: After hours of exceptionally heavy rain on Friday, flash floods swept several towns in hilly central Italy, leaving 10 people dead and at least four missing. Dozens of survivors clambered onto rooftops or trees to await rescue. Floods invaded garages and basements, knocking doors down. In one city, the powerful stream of water pushed … Read more

Berlusconi makes comeback – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article ROME — A billionaire real estate mogul, media mogul and three-time prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi’s career has spanned decades. However, his profile has declined sharply in recent years. Due to illness, he often appeared at party events via video link and was banned from public office … Read more

Italy’s far-right Meloni on the ballot: I’m not a threat to democracy

ROME — Italy’s far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, who is leading opinion polls ahead of the September 25 parliamentary election, insists she will pose no threat to democracy if she becomes prime minister, claiming that the Italian political right’s legacy is “unambiguous” has condemned fascism. She also dismissed concerns that if her Brothers of Italy party … Read more

Italy sweats during summer election campaign – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article TUSCANY — Spending all of August on the coast is practically an Italian birthright. But after the surprise collapse of Mario Draghi’s government in July, Italy is holding fall elections for the first time in more than 100 years, leaving politicians with little time to sunbathe. Instead, the … Read more

Italy’s Salvini pledges to move migrant centers to N. Africa

MILAN — Italy’s former interior minister Matteo Salvini put migration at the heart of his election campaign during a visit Thursday to Italy’s southernmost island, Lampedusa, a gateway for tens of thousands of people who cross the dangerous central Mediterranean into Italian territory each year. Salvini promised to move screening centers for people seeking political … Read more