When he turned 50, Jason Boyd Kinsella left an advertising career to pursue art. Two years later, his paintings are selling for nearly $500,000

Patrizia Koenig likes to be conservative with her estimates, and the arrival of a Jason Boyd Kinsella painting for shipment from Phillips about four months before the auction house’s spring sale hardly made an exception. She judged that the artist thaws portrait would sell for $10,000 tops, an ambitious ceiling for a two-year-old painting by … Read more

Hot Lots: 7 Artworks That Spectacularly Outperformed Expectations During New York’s Spring 2022 Sale

Evening sales with marquee may get the most attention, but day sales can be a much more reliable indicator of the state-of-the-art market. While these expert auctions may not yield the dazzling sums of their overnight siblings, they provide significant insight not only into the current state of affairs, but also where the company is … Read more