Sadiq Khan must not turn London into a ‘drug supermarket’

“So he can express what he wants, but he will never get a chance to do it under a Labor government because we don’t liberalize the drug laws. “He’s contributing to a debate, but he won’t have the power to do anything about it, however that happens.” Mr Reed, a former leader of Lambeth Borough … Read more

Dazed on the Green with E-40, Wiz Khalifa has been cancelled

A music festival and cannabis expo taking place this weekend in the Stanislaus County town of Turlock and headlined by Wiz Khalifa has been canceled just before it was set to take place. The organizers of Dazed on the Green called “an important health and safety risk.” The festival was announced with artists and rappers … Read more

John Fetterman calls on Biden to change his stance on cannabis

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman on Monday called on President Joe Biden to change his stance on cannabis legalization and work toward decriminalizing the drug at the federal level — a hugely popular policy decision that has already been implemented by many states. . Fetterman, who currently serves as the state’s lieutenant governor, said he … Read more

Lauren Jackson’s Return To Basketball Will Continue With WNBL Side Of The Southside Flyers

Lauren Jackson’s basketball return continues to grow with the 41-year-old set to play for the Southside Flyers in the WNBL after this year’s World Cup. Most important points: Injuries and pain forced Jackson to retire midway through the 2016 WNBL season with Canberra. to stop Since then she has earned a spot in the Australian … Read more

Brittney Griner’s defense team is appealing the WNBA star’s drug conviction in Russia

Brittney Griner’s legal team has appealed against the American basketball star conviction and nine years in prison on charges of drug smuggling in Russia, the lawyers said Monday. Griner was arrested in February for carrying vape cartridges containing marijuana at a Moscow airport amid mounting tensions between Washington and Moscow, and just before Russian leader … Read more

Canada on track to spend $200 million a year on medical cannabis for veterans – National

Ottawa reimburses a record number of veterans for medical marijuana, with new figures showing the federal government spent more than $150 million in the past fiscal year — more than double the amount it was just three years ago. And that’s just the beginning, as Veterans Affairs Canada figures reveal that the government is on … Read more

Law legalizing medicinal cannabis comes into effect in Switzerland Law legalizing medicinal cannabis comes into effect in Switzerland Law legalizing medicinal cannabis comes into effect in Switzerland GENVE (Sputnik) – The amendments to the Swiss narcotics law legalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes came into effect on Monday, making the… 01.08.2022, Sputnik International 2022-08-01T07:01+0000 2022-08-01T07:01+0000 2022-08-01T07:01+0000 hemp Switzerland Europe drugs marijuana … Read more

Brittney Griner pleaded guilty to marijuana charges in Russia, so what happens next?

WNBA star Brittany Griner pleaded guilty Thursday to bring cannabis-derived oil cartridges to Russia, because she did so by accident. The move was important because it shed some light on her defense team’s strategy, and it could potentially pave the way for a prisoner swap with the US or a pardon that could free Griner. … Read more