Rewind Saskatoon morning news: Thursday, November 24 – Saskatoon

Montessori classes at Saskatoon Public Schools, University of Saskatchewan Huskies head coach Scott Flory and Wonton in Adopt a Pet. Here’s your morning rewind for the Thursday, November 24 edition of Global news morning Saskatoon. Montessori classes at City Park School: Family Matters There are differences between Montessori classrooms and learning in a regular classroom. … Read more

Jason Frank, Tommy Oliver of Power Rangers, has passed away

Image: Hasbro Jason David Frank passed away at the age of 49. The news was initially announced by his personal trainer and good friend, Mike Bronzoulisand later confirmed by TMZ (via Frank’s rep)together with colleague Rangers actors Walter Jones and Blake Foster. Born on September 4, 1973, Frank was best known as Tommy Oliver for … Read more

Oh thank goodness, the new Urkel and Batman cartoons are apparently both safe

Left: Steven Urkel from a 2019 episode of Scooby-Doo and guess who? Right: Some kind of beaten man (Screenshots: YouTube) A silver lining, faintly visible in the flickering light of the longstanding garbage fire that is currently HBO Max’s animation efforts: The Urkel cartoon is still alive. (Also Batman, if you’re some deviant who cares … Read more

Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum ‘threw diva-style tantrum’ at Louie restaurant. in London

A group has been kicked out of a swanky London restaurant after they were allegedly falsely accused of taking pictures of Channing Tatum. He is known to millions of people as the handsome comic show star Magic Mike. But Channing Tatum didn’t seem so charming when he started out at a swanky London restaurant earlier … Read more

JoMarie Payton Says Jaleel White Reportedly Wanted To Fight Her

Screenshot† YouTube Over the years we have heard stories of suspense on the set of 90s comedy Family Matters† When the show’s focus shifted from the middle-class Winslow family to whatever wild jokes Steve Urkel was up to, it didn’t help foster a great work environment. In an interview with entertainment tonight, series star JoMarie … Read more