These are the top 25 startups to work for in India

It’s also great to see young professionals embracing India’s startup ecosystem, with 56% of all hires in the top 25 startups being under the age of 30. Nirajita Banerjee Editor-in-Chief, LinkedIn News India “Edtech has also made its mark on the list,” she said, citing companies like upGrad, GrowthSchool and Classplus. India’s space technology and … Read more

International Coffee Day discounts at Burger King, IKEA and more

Coffee lovers rejoice. The first day of October marks International Coffee Day – a holiday created by the International Coffee Organization in 2014 to celebrate coffee lovers around the world. From cappuccinos to espressos, coffee reigns as the most popular beverage in the United States. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association USA, Americans … Read more

These are the top 15 startups to work for in Singapore

The days of easy money for start-ups are over as interest rates rise and economic uncertainties loom. But according to a new study from LinkedIn, these 15 Singapore startups have outperformed these challenges. Fintech, education and telehealth startups in particular dominated the list on the “LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2022” for Singapore. “Financial technology startups feature … Read more

Now she works 7.5 hours a week

Talking to Diania Merriam, you’d never guess that the semi-retired host of a finance-focused podcast once had issues with money. But the 35-year-old says she was “completely financially illiterate” just a few years ago. Merriam spent her twenties in Brooklyn, New York, earning $135,000 a year working in the consumer goods industry. She focused on … Read more

1 in 5 of urban youth in China is unemployed. That’s a huge headache for Xi Jinping

Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in the CNN newsletter Meanwhile in China, a three-week update that explores what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it affects the world. Register here. Hong-Kong CNN Business — The future looked bright for Cherry last May, when she landed a prestigious internship … Read more

TransPod wants to build FluxJet, a train-aircraft hybrid that goes 620 mph

Move over, Elon Musk and Richard Branson: A Canadian company wants to join the fight for better travel on the high-speed train. Toronto-based TransPod recently unveiled plans for a “FluxJet,” an all-electric transportation system that “is a hybrid between an airplane and a train.” The project, which is currently in the conceptual phase, would involve … Read more

Amazon Trusted Two New Showrunners With ‘The Rings of Power’

Amazon’s new $715 million “Lord of the Rings” series is the most expensive TV show of all time, but it was created by two showrunners with barely any Hollywood credits in between. After spending $250 million to acquire the rights to make a show set in Middle-earth, the e-commerce giant interviewed numerous A-listers — including … Read more

Adam Waheed Built a Following Making Slapstick Videos That Made Him $7.3 Million in 2022 | Forbes – Forbes

Adam Waheed Built a Following Making Slapstick Videos That Made Him $7.3 Million in 2022 | ForbesForbes

Elon Musk wants to cut this ‘terrible habit’ from his morning routine

Despite being a multi-billionaire with plans to colonize Mars, Elon Musk has surprisingly recognizable daily goals. For starters, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX wants to refresh his daily routine, starting with the moment he wakes up. In a recent interview with Full Send Podcast, Musk said he checks his phone first in the morning … Read more