NSW dam levels reach 100 percent capacity in many regions

A third consecutive La Nina settling on Australia’s east coast will almost certainly bring more rain to the dams already filled to the brim. More than half of regional NSW’s state-owned dams are at or above capacity, and authorities say they haven’t been this full since the 1990s. 100 percent not what it seems Reaching … Read more

‘Triple-dip’ La Niña could escalate drought problems for Northern California

‘Triple-dip’ La Niña could escalate drought problems for Northern California – CBS San Francisco Watch CBS News Darren Peck reports on how a forecast ‘triple-dip’ La Niña could reduce precipitation in Northern California, intensifying drought (9-22-2022) Be the first to know Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Not Now Turn … Read more

North Bay homeowners hope predicted rain will reduce fire risk

SANTA ROSA – A cold September rain is good news when it comes to fire hazards, of course, but how much, or for how long, can a relatively small storm like this help? Firefighters say that depends on what comes next. “We had the earthquake a few days ago,” said Pat Travis of Santa Rosa. … Read more

Recalling the Queen’s visits to the NT and how she brought hope to drought-stricken Central Australia

When the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, stepped onto the tarmac of Alice Springs airport in 1963, she looked around at what she had been told was Australia’s ‘dead heart’. But, as she said in a speech that brought hope to hundreds who had suffered the ravages of a decade-long drought, that … Read more

Summer 2022 is the hottest in Europe

The summer of 2022, when the number of disasters caused by global warming increased, was the warmest on record in Europe, according to the European Copernicus Earth Observation Programme.In addition to wildfires, drying rivers and record temperatures, the feeling of a hot summer in Europeans is reflected in satellite measurements indicating that global warming has … Read more

Cool, wet climate marks Great Southern as the next hot spot for WA .’s thriving truffle industry

Beware, truffle growers in southwestern Western Australia – the south coast has been identified as the state’s next hub for the underground delicacy. Most important points: The Great Southern has been determined to have the “ideal” climate for growing truffles There is potential for industry to expand in southern parts of WA Climate change could … Read more

Agave turns out to be an ideal crop in California

Agave turns out to be an ideal crop in California – CBS News Watch CBS News Ongoing drought conditions in California are forcing farmers to look at alternative crops that require much less water. Agave, traditionally grown in Mexico, is now proving to be an ideal and lucrative crop for many farmers in the region. … Read more

Watch ‘Parched: California’s Climate Crisis’ on KPIX and online

After years of severe drought, we are at the tipping point. In a new hour-long special, reporters from CBS stations across California give you an eye-opening reality check and a look at the solutions. Watch “Parched: California’s Climate Crisis” on KPIX and stream on CBS News Bay Area. Check out KPIXSaturday, 9/3 at 7 pm … Read more

Britain is experiencing its hottest summer ever

September 2, 2022 00:47 The UK’s Met Office announced today, Thursday, that England will experience its hottest summer this year, equivalent to the summer of 2018 in terms of average temperatures.The average temperature reached 17.1 degrees Celsius during the three summer months (June, July and August, according to the Meteorological Department), also at night, “while … Read more

UN wheat ship from Ukraine arrives in Africa

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