Trudeau wants to join allies fighting China’s trade pressure

OTTAWA—Canada will coordinate its upcoming Indo-Pacific strategy with allies like South Korea to align human rights and trade so China doesn’t pit one country against another and compete for “little access” to the world’s largest market, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Standing next to Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, Trudeau said it “makes sense” to … Read more

Canada’s new ambassador to China pledges to address human rights concerns

OTTAWA — The federal government has chosen a career diplomat who says defending human rights and restoring relations between Canada and China is her main focus as Ottawa’s new ambassador to China. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Jennifer May, most recently ambassador to Brazil, as his new envoy in Beijing, abandoning his practice of putting … Read more

Tory MPs say journalist’s tweet incites violence

Conservative MPs have asked the parliamentary press gallery to revoke a freelance reporter’s access to the Hill after he posted a tweet they saw as a threat that could incite violence against politicians. The controversy stemmed from Saskatchewan MP Garnett Genuis’ reference to British band Queen during Question Time Wednesday, as a dig at Prime … Read more

Julie Payette Says She Wasn’t Invited to the Queen’s Funeral

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau traveled to London with a Canadian delegation for Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, one ex-dignity was conspicuously absent. Former Governor General Julie Payette — who resigned in 2021 amid a toxic workplace scandal — was “unfortunately” not invited to join the delegation, her office confirmed in a statement to the … Read more

Broad assessment of Canada’s COVID-19 response is ‘essential’, says federal health minister

OTTAWA – There needs to be a broad assessment of how the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled from a public health, social and economic perspective, says Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. In an interview with the Star, Duclos said there could be a government decision soon on what kind of formal review to hold. When … Read more

Justin Trudeau Vs Pierre Poilievre As Parliament Returns

OTTAWA—In the words of one Liberal MP, “a major battle is underway” on the floor of the House of Commons as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confronts new official opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. But the ideological battle many expect between the front benches and the two main party leaders will not take shape until a few … Read more

Canadian MPs across the spectrum see threats to democracy: ‘There is no common middle ground’

OTTAWA — In a troubled world, Canadian democracy holds up. But some incumbent MPs worry that it is weakening for various reasons. Ryan Turnbull is one of them. The Liberal MP for Whitby was first elected in 2019 and sees the problem through the lens of his training in philosophy: The ideal of democracy allows … Read more

Pierre Poilievre suffered a week of self-inflicted damage

MONTREAL — Until last Tuesday, Richmond-Arthabaska MP Alain Rayes was one of the best-known and most influential members of Quebec’s conservative party. Before taking a leading role in Jean Charest’s leadership campaign for the past six months, he had served twice as a lieutenant in Quebec, first to Andrew Scheer and more recently to Erin … Read more

Poilievre Turns To Ontario PC To Lead Federal Conservatives

OTTAWA — The executive director of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party makes a leap to the federal level. Mike Crase, who has been running the PCs since 2018, has been hired to lead the conservative party, the Star has learned. It is the latest personnel change made by Pierre Poilievre as he nears the end of … Read more

For better or worse, becoming the conservative leader means Pierre Poilievre no longer controls the conversation

OTTAWA — Two different podiums, two very different days for newly minted Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre as he seizes the reins of power over his party. In a sweeping speech in honor of Queen Elizabeth II in the House of Commons on Thursday, Poilievre confidently held the podium at his desk. Since the Conservatives lost … Read more