Your Melbourne Greens team continues (and grows by one!)

I have news: at the time of writing (early June) my baby is due in a week! And before embarking on a short period of maternity leave, I wanted to ‘officially’ announce that I am raising my hand to continue as your Melbourne MP for the Victorian elections in November. There’s no denying that the … Read more

Rammstein Show loud enough to stir noise complaints 11 miles away

Rammstein may have revived a bit after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to postpone the big stadium tour in support of their self-titled 2019 album. The explosives, flamethrowers and giant foam-spewing dildos that give their shows a legendary reputation have earned on this one. has built up a considerable backlog. It’s been so long since … Read more

The business Instagram page of influencers disappears online

A popular influencer couple who were mocked for opening a trendy cafe earlier this year have taken a big step after just four months. The eatery of popular influencers Mitch Orval and Chloe Szepanowski has reportedly closed its doors just four months after it opened to raucous reviews. The influencers opened The Shack Take-Away on … Read more

Full Metal Jacket and Kubrick: The Ultimate Anti-War Movies

“Kubrick deals with the connection between the human death instinct and the machines we’ve created to wreak havoc, destruction and murder for us. He does that better than any other filmmaker,” emphasizes Kuznick. “He knows there is something deeply irrational and absurd about people making machines that will only end life on the planet.” Such … Read more

Cornelia Parker: The artist who likes to blow things up

One of the most compelling works in the show, Perpetual Canon (2004), is an amalgamation of tropes first experimented with in Thirty Pieces of Silver and Cold Dark Matter. Using the power of an industrial press 25 times stronger than the steamroller she’d used 15 years earlier, and a forklift, Parker crushed 60 tubas, trumpets, … Read more

The great 16th century black composer erased from history

Relatively little is known about Lusitano’s life – a fact that certainly hasn’t helped his historical legacy – although what we do know is riddled with juicyly intriguing details. “There are many things you could say about how cool he is as a person, and how exceptional he is as a figure,” promises composer, conductor … Read more