Christie’s London to Paris sale brings in a steady $248 million, led by Blue-Chip mainstays and a $12.4 million Jeff Koons Monkey

A sale of 20 freshly released works by Marc Chagall set the tone for Christie’s marathon evening sales in London and Paris on Tuesday. the Masterpieces art fair in three years. The Chagall trove was just one part of the nearly five-hour “evening sales” that took place throughout the afternoon. The auction series consisted of … Read more

7 questions for Swiss dealer Marc Triebold, who predicts that expressionism will soon make a comeback

When I started out in the mid-1980s, there were very few art consultants –the job title was quite an insult back then. Collectors did most of their own research and travel. To some extent, this has become the case again as collectors use digital tools to travel and hunt for new work. Passionate, collecting art … Read more

When he turned 50, Jason Boyd Kinsella left an advertising career to pursue art. Two years later, his paintings are selling for nearly $500,000

Patrizia Koenig likes to be conservative with her estimates, and the arrival of a Jason Boyd Kinsella painting for shipment from Phillips about four months before the auction house’s spring sale hardly made an exception. She judged that the artist thaws portrait would sell for $10,000 tops, an ambitious ceiling for a two-year-old painting by … Read more

Art Basel’s offerings aren’t just for billionaires. Here are 5 noteworthy sales at every price point

Switzerland is said to be one of the world’s most expensive countries to live in – so perhaps unsurprisingly, the artworks on display at Art Basel, the mother of all art fairs, are equally pricey. Not long after the Messeplatz doors opened to VIPs on Tuesday, triumphant emails began announcing multimillion-dollar sales, with some visitors … Read more

Piet Mondrian is one of the most influential artists of modern times. So why is his market so volatile?

One hundred and fifty years after his birth, the work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian still feels as radical as ever. That is the premise of a new exhibition, ‘Mondrian Evolution’, at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland (until October 9, 2022). Coinciding with Art Basel, the show will no doubt capture the attention … Read more

As an art consultant, I’ve seen ‘Meme Art’ destroy all logic in the art market. This is what we can do about it

During the pandemic, we all watched in fascination as the Reddit chat room WallStreetBets devastated the stock market. While these day traders made big profits, they also philosophically gave the middle finger to the financial establishment in an effort to prove that the stock market often has no basis in reality. A similar dynamic is … Read more

‘It’s Just Like the Old Days’: Art Basel opens with eight-figure sales and a wave of global buyers as the market seems to dance until the music stops

For those heading to the Swiss city of Basel to attend Europe’s most prestigious art fair, sunburn was a concern. Art Basel is back to its traditional summer time in the art world calendar, which runs from June 16 to 19, and the sun shone on the Messeplatz. Without a mask or Covid check-in in … Read more

We went behind the scenes with the ultra-wealthy visitors to Zurich Art Weekend, now an essential stop for Art Basel

On Saturday evening in Zurich, Switzerland, enjoying a symphony of excited chatter and the clinking of champagne glasses, toasting Zurich Art Weekend, a seasoned French art collector fake hesitated as he raised a glass to his lips. “If it wasn’t too vulgar to say,” – and in the amber glow of table lamps on the … Read more

‘It allowed me to work in peace’: Christopher Wool on how two years of relative isolation changed the course of his art

Belgian gallerist Xavier Hufkens has inaugurated his renovated four-storey space in Brussels with an extensive solo exhibition dedicated to the American artist Christopher Woolmarked their first project together and Wool‘s first show in Belgium since 2009. To be seen wool‘s abstract paintings, which combine serigraphs and other processes; black and white photos of Marfa, Texas, … Read more

Louise Nevelson was once as famous as Andy Warhol. This is why her market is lagging so far behind its peers

Louise Nevelson, best known for her monochromatic painted wood sculptures, is considered one of the most important post-war artists, but her market has only recently begun to catch up. During her lifetime, Nevelson – a woman with an incredible sense of personal style, which was also a part of her work – was as famous … Read more