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Table for adults - newspaper Al-Ittihad
Table for adults - newspaper Al-Ittihad

Western writers, and politicians before them, find a lot of room to criticize some Arab views about the lack of political and economic support for Western countries in the escalation against Russia, during the Ukrainian crisis, and they look at these views, which refused to condemn the war in Ukraine or call for peace and uniting solutions or even those who chose silence, as countries favoring or directly supporting the Russian side.

It seems that Western politicians and analysts still live in the obsession of that era of Western colonialism and look at the Arab world, the old arrogance, in which their soldiers carried machine guns during the period of weakness and distraction that reigned from the nineteenth century to the seventies of the twentieth century, and none of them noticed the magnitude The developments and changes in a number of Arab countries, forcing some of them to sit at the table of adults, when the fate of the world is really on the game.

The Russo-Ukrainian war, for those contemplating its near and far consequences, especially at the political and economic level, imposed on that frozen Western mentality a new reality that they have not yet been able to comprehend. the extent to which some Arab countries, notably the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have reserved the two most important seats for balancing and maintaining global energy security and the security of the Middle East, at the senior table.

President Trump managed in a period of no more than four years to allay Russian and Chinese fears, besiege Iran’s intransigence rather than submit to it, bring positions in the Middle East closer, contribute to sponsor peace negotiations, and to understand and know what the emerging power in the Gulf, able to set the pace The region, free it from terrorism by the international coalition, not to rely on NATO, and that strength , represented by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in achieving the political and economic balance, to the fullest.

Is there still a chance for US President Biden to correct the all-eggs-in-one-basket approach? How can US President Biden sign the nuclear deal with Iran and get it to stop its meddling in the Arab countries while securing the approval of the “Gulf Force” to increase oil production to lower prices, as well as the approval of Israel can guarantee the two-state solution in exchange for a permanent peace with Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries that you have not yet signed?!? And if he is able to, and this is somewhat doubtful, can he also convince the “Gulf Force” to take just one step back in its historic, rooted and renewed relationship and partnership with Russia and China? I think this will require a real miracle that is not yet within the reach of the US government during its visit to the region in the middle of this month.

Writers and analysts in the West must immediately renounce the mindset that favors the possibility of forcing the Gulf Power to align with the West, whether on oil and gas or escalation against Russia, as well as with regard to its relationship with the West. Iran, and to realize that the solution to successive global crises, starting with Corona, is not. An end to global inflation, which began to spread poverty and hunger, will be in the hands of the Gulf Power that has changed and evolved and has the final say in the next global move that will change the face of the world. It is true that the Arab countries, especially the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and others, are closely monitoring the escalation in the position of the NATO countries, which will only lead to more escalation and the fateful moment of a third world war is approaching, but at the same time they will also make extraordinary efforts to curb it. Escalation through the energy and peace maps, and perhaps this is the most prominent thing the US president will find on the adult agenda table, and he will have to search for and negotiate that miracle at the highest level for his part, before he boarding his plane to the Middle East. Today compliments will not work, and what will really help is seriousness, determination and perseverance to achieve peace not only in the Middle East but in the whole world. Who knows, the meeting with President Biden in Riyadh may be the beginning of the solution to the Ukrainian crisis, if the world is really looking for it.

* Retired Air Force Major General

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