Sunrise: David Koch takes three weeks off TV for daughter’s wedding abroad

The star surprised viewers by announcing that they would be away from TV screens for a significant period of time.

David Koch is taking three weeks off work for his daughter’s wedding in London.

The Sunrise star told viewers on Thursday that he would be taking a break to enjoy the special time with his family.

Koch, a father of four, looked delighted as she shared the happy news.

“Georgie is getting married, the last of the four, so it’ll be fine,” he said.

He added that he would be sharing a home in the UK with the parents of his future son-in-law Alex.

“We all share a house with him and his parents before the wedding and we never met,” Koch said.

‘It’s either Father Of The Bride or Nightmare On Elm Street. It’s going to be a little fun.”

Koch and his wife Libby not only have four children, but also eight grandchildren.

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