Students begin school year end today and “Emirates Education” warns of 18 violations

The Guide to Schools Preparedness for Exams at the End of the Third Semester of the Current Academic Year, recently approved by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, identified 18 student violations in the exams.

Violations include the student carrying a book, papers or notes related to the course or the subject of the exam, for the purpose of cheating, and intentionally entering the electronic exam from outside the exam room using the school network, or impersonating others by writing another student’s name on the exam answer sheet, or demonstrably intentionally entering another student’s username and password.

Violations also include using a cell phone or electronic devices with audiovisual capability, or leaving them in the exam room, cheating, or attempting to do so with written material or group responses.

It is held that the non-compliance to remain in the committee, until the middle of the time indicated for the paper or electronic exam, is an offense on the part of the student, as well as writing sentences or drawings that contradict decency or decency, or expressions containing disrespect or ridicule, and the deliberate destruction of the answer sheet, or part of it, and destruction. Intentional computer or communication network equipment and the examination room, writing on table, wall, windows curtains, furniture or exam hall floor, and any act that would disturb the order, such as creating chaos, or verbally attacking students or an employee on the examination boards.

Violations included physical assault inside or outside the examination board, on the school grounds or on the outdoor plazas around the commission’s campus, or were proven to be assaulted after the results were announced. Any student attempting to film the exam screen, electronically or on paper, using a mobile phone or electronic devices, or audio and video recordings, and disseminating it on social media, before or after the exam, in good faith or on purpose .

A student who intentionally leaves the answer sheet, or part thereof, in the examination room or who refuses to hand it in, is infringing this. If you find in his possession scraps of paper written on them, on the tools in his possession, on his hands, or any part of his body, or his clothing, relating to the subject of the examination, it shall be regarded as considered an incident. of fraud for which the student is punished, in addition to proof of his use of electronic systems, programs or devices. Affect the security of taking the exam electronically.

Creating digital communication groups for the purpose of publishing and distributing exam documents before the start of the exams, or in good faith afterwards, is also an offense for which the student will be punished. Emphasizing the need for proper decision by the school board for any violation if any of these exam violations are committed.

In contrast, the year-end exams for the current school year started today, as students in the ninth and tenth grades (the elite track) took the chemistry exam, the eleventh grade (the advanced and general track) the health sciences exam, and the eleventh grade (the elite track) the chemistry exam.

The students of the twelfth grade in General, Advanced, Elite and Applied, they take the exams with one subject at the end of the current academic year, from half past twelve to half past one, from Monday 13 June to Friday 17 June per day.

Today Elite Track students started their biology exams from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

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