Stranger Things Volume 2 Spotify Playlist: How To Get Yours

Spotify thinks it knows which song will save you from Vecna’s grasp, Weird stuffresident big bad in season 4.

If that phrase meant nothing to you, here’s a quick recap: in the final season of Strange Things, creators Matt and Ross Duffer introduce fans to Vecna, a villain that actor David Harbor described in a Variety interview as “a psychological horror that I don’t think we actually saw.”

Harbor added: “I’ve never seen anything as psychologically bad as this. That’s exciting because he’s a real big villain that we need in the series.”

So psychologically bad, in fact, that the only way he could be suppressed at the end of Season 4 was to invoke the power of Kate Bush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill,” which Max (Sadie Smith) brought to her. walkman listens to free himself from the clutches of Vecna. We’ve all been there!

You’ve probably heard that the 37-year-old song has enjoyed a resurgence since the episode aired on Netflix — to the extent that bands like The Wombats clamored for covers and Kate Bush herself came off the air to thank her new fans in a rare interview.

So streaming service Spotify has now sprung into action, launching an ‘Upside Down Playlist’ for every listener: a curated list of songs that will help you break free from Vecna’s endless drama

According to Tudum, “The “Upside Down Playlist” features a mix of your recent and past favorites, all energetic, powerful and inspiring. The tracks are combined with recommendations from the team behind it Weird stuff to fully immerse yourself in the Upside Down, Hawkins style.”

Mine has a Punjabi song called ‘Sadi Gali’ so that’s weird.

Go to your Upside Down playlist here.

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