‘Stranger Things’ Dethroned In Netflix’s Top 10 By A New Show

Well, it finally happened, and it took one more juggernaut to take Stranger Things Season 4 from the #1 spot on Netflix’s top 10 after being planted there for nearly a month.

That would be season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, Netflix’s super-successful non-Marvel or DC superhero series about a strange group of siblings who deal with time travel paradoxes upon their return.

Stranger Things season 4 almost lasted in the #1 spot until July 1, which is when Season 2 airs with the final two episodes, which will no doubt propel it back to #1 for some time to come. Right now, the show is slowly creeping toward Squid Game’s viewership record, but it’s going to need those last two episodes to outperform the previous seven if it hopes to catch it.

Anyway, Stranger Things season 4 has set all sorts of English language records for the service, and even if Netflix often sees conversations about its series fading after a week or weekend, that really hasn’t happened with Stranger Things, given the short gap between Part 1 and part 2, and “cultural moments” created from the first seven episodes, such as how Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill is now #1 worldwide after more than 30 years for its use in one of the best moments of the season .

As for The Umbrella Academy, HBO has DC, Disney has Marvel, Amazon has The Boys and Invincible, and Netflix has these misfits. But unlike Netflix’s failed experiment of Jupiter’s Legacy, The Umbrella Academy has proven a big, highly-watched series from the past three years, and given its insta-placement at #1 after its debut, suggests more of the same from Season 3 here, as the gang is forced to create an altered timeline version of their own team, the Sparrow Academy. I’m only three episodes down, but so far it’s great.

The Umbrella Academy is one of Netflix’s most successful shows, regularly landing in the top 10 for its annual English-language offering. The Umbrella Academy doesn’t have a pre-greenlit season 4, but it seems likely that the series will go on for as long as it wants, a rare opportunity for only the most successful Netflix shows. We know Stranger Things will end in Season 5 at the behest of the showrunners.

Prior to this, Stranger Things had held back several newcomers who never made it past the #2 slot, such as All American, Keep Sweet, God’s Favorite Idiot, and First Kill. I thought it would take something big to move it, and yes, The Umbrella Academy definitely qualifies for that. I’m only three episodes into the 10-episode season, but it’s just as fantastic as ever so far. I expect it to stay at the top until Stranger Things returns for part 2.

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