‘Stranger Things 4’: Eddie Munson Actor Breaks Down That ‘Insane’ Metallica Guitar Solo

The last two episodes from Weird stuff, season 4, may have been annoyingly delayed for some. But they finally dropped last Friday and — when it comes to new character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) — they were well worth the wait.

Spoilers ahead — Munson, the leader of the Hellfire Dungeons & Dragons club — is killed by voracious “demo bats” in the finale. Before his end, waiting for time for his friends to attack the evil Vecna, Eddie has the ultimate hero moment. He gets on the Upside Down version of his caravan and hits a guitar solo to end all the guitar solos, getting the attention of the demo bats.

Watch the clip of Eddie’s solo below.

“It’s insane,” Eddie actor Joseph Quinn said of the scene in an interview with The LA Times, published Sunday. “It does so many things. I think this is the only world where something like this can happen and it doesn’t feel like a pastiche. It doesn’t feel forced.”

Quinn added: “And hilarious, it doesn’t feel melodramatic. It just feels good. And most of all, it just feels fun. It’s that energy through that whole kind of ridiculous sequence that brings all these storylines together. That crescendo was just so inventive and so ultimately so. entertaining.”

Quinn said he practiced the guitar before recording his episodes.

“I remember Skype with the [creators the Duffer] brothers before I signed up, and they didn’t give much away. They sent me a few emails asking if I played guitar and I said yes I did. Then they sent the script and I kind of imploded and went to buy a guitar asap and start practicing.”

What song does Eddie play in the final?

Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Just wait till it’s the next #1 hit, made popular again by Stranger Things just like Kate Bush runs up that hill — the song reached number 1 on iTunes after appearing in episode 4 of the season (it is replayed throughout the show).

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