Stranger Things 4 creators mourn the death of one character

There’s a lot of death in “Stranger Things,” but the show’s creators admit they got it wrong.

Like everyone else, I’ve been delving into the new season of Stranger Things for the past few weeks and got Kate Bush’s Running up that hill on repeat.

Now that I’ve finally caught up and it’s safe to get back on the internet, I still wonder what a relationship would be like if it had been allowed to happen – and yes, a lot of spoilers are about to happen.

No, I’m not talking about the Steve-Nancy-Jonathan love triangle (although I’m 100 percent team Steve). I’m talking about the incredibly brief, yet winning tender moments between head cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham (played by Grace Van Dien) and undeniably hot Dungeons & Dragons geek Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn).

I won’t go into too much detail – in case you accidentally ignored my spoilers warning – but their scene together in the woods is strangely sane considering it’s about drugs. Healthy in the way that made me hope the actors loved each other in real life.

Sadly, Chrissy is broken up by Vecna ​​before any kind of relationship between the two could gain momentum — a choice the show’s creators now regret.

Speaking to TVLine, the Duffer brothers explained that by the time they realized they should have let the love flow between these two characters, it was too late.

“We always have those moments [of ‘What have we done?’]’ said Matt Duffer. “We actually shot the quote-unquote drug deal scene in the woods quite late in the shot.”

Ross Duffer added that they had already killed Chrissy when the scene was filmed in the woods, but the magic of the scene was that these two actors were shaking.

“The scene came to life in a way that was so beautiful,” Matt said. “And so many of those were Joe and Grace.”

“It was just one of those happy scenes where we got to roll two cameras and capture them at the same time,” he continued. “Joe did a lot of things spontaneously, and we got these great responses from Grace.”

Personally, I’m still looking for some sort of magical Chrissy/Eddie reunion – it’s a show where stranger things have happened.

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