Stefan of Estonia with “Hope” (review and ranking)

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house team of music professionals — assess and rate the 40 songs participating in Eurovision 2022. We then discuss Estoniawho have chosen Stefan of “Heap”

Did we get into the cowboy spirit? Read on to find out!

Stefan – “Hope” (Estonia Eurovision 2022)

Review: Stefan – “Hope”

Lucy: Stefan is on his way to a Estonian song years, so I’m really happy that he’s actually made it to the Eurovision Song Contest now – it’s by far his best effort. “Hope” is so very different from anything in the competition this year, and Stefan’s voice fits the bill perfectly. His soulful tones in the song provide an experience straight out of a high-budget western movie. He is a charismatic performer, with a song that takes on a whole new meaning in the present day. I hope, I hope, I hope he does well in the grand final for Estonia!

Score: 9.5

William: The staging in Estonia was very Brokeback Mountain with emphasis on the broke. It looked so cheap I felt like I was in a kiddie amusement park, where you might get away with cowboy costumes from a thrift store. Stefan earns more and he deserves better because the song is actually strong. The Spaghetti Western vibe comes through strongly and the chorus is soaring with optimism and the hope that Stefan sings so beautifully about. I hope (I hope, I hope…) he gets the staging he deserves. With slightly less clichés and more expensive, it is worthy of a place in the final.

Score: 5.5

Tom: Estonia makes land! Who knows? And it’s not half bad. Stefan’s voice is excellent, he’s nice, and I appreciate the message of the song. Now, I “hope” that the Estonian team doesn’t go all out for cowboy on the podium; the performance has potential and I don’t want it to get tacky. I’ll also add that I wish “Hope” had given us something different in the second half of the song – it’s a bit repetitive. That said, there is nothing like this in the race this year and it will stand out from the pack. I don’t think “Hope” will upset the top of the scoreboard, but it should still make it to the finals.

Score: 7

josh: I’ve had my eye on Stefan for a long time, since he first entered Estonian song† I have a feeling he could make it into the Eurovision Song Contest and make a big impact, if only he had the right song. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of talented artists finally making it to the competition with a song that just doesn’t represent their best is alive and well here. It gives “B-side soundtrack to a generic western movie” vibes, and it pains me to say, but it leaves me absolutely bored and uninterested. The credits roll, but the audience has left the theater.

Score: 3

pablo: First of all, bringing Spaghetti Western to a Eurovision Song Contest hosted in Italy is the smartest nod to the culture of a place I’ve seen in a while. “Hope” perfectly treads that thin line between pop and art. It is cinematic and grandiose, yet it feels accessible and immerses the listener in this melancholic, yet rousing universe where the intense heat of the sun mercilessly falls on the landscape of an adventurer on horseback. A film not lacking in gruff Western intensity and beauty, Ennio Morricone certainly has a laugh somewhere. Estonia is back, and what a way to do it.

Score: 9.5

Estonia Eurovision 2022 ranking

In the Wiwi Jury of Eurovision 2022 we have 18 judges, but there is only room for five reviews. The remaining scores are listed below:

Angus: 6.5

Entranig: 8

Cinnamon: 6

Must: 7.5

Jonathan: 6

Luis: 7

Natalie: 5

Oliver: 5

Renske: 8

Ruby: 7.5

Ron: 9

Sebastian: 5

Susanne: 5

We removed the highest and lowest scores before calculating the average. This is to remove outliers and possible bias. We removed a low of 3 and a high of 9.5.

Wiwi Jury verdict: 6.72/10

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