Spy Kids Child Star Alexa PenaVega Talks Faith, Marriage & New Memoirs

Two decades after the hit Spy Kids franchise, lead actress Alexa PenaVega and her husband have released a memoir about her surprising new life.

Two decades after the popular Spy Kids movie franchise of the early 2000s, lead actress Alexa PenaVega leads a very different life.

The former child star who played Carmen Cortez in three Spying on children movies left Hollywood five years ago to “live her life for Jesus” with her husband, former pop star Carlos PenaVega, and three children in Hawaii.

In a new interview with Fox News, the 33-year-old said “God took her out of her life in LA” so she could focus on her faith and “learn how to be a great mom and a great wife.”

Before the move, Alexa had found work as an actress in TV movies for the Hallmark Channel.

The former actress and her husband, Nickelodeon’s big hurry star Carlos PenaVega, met during a Bible study group in California and became engaged in 2013. They married four months later, packed their children, and moved to Hawaii in 2017 to dedicate their lives to their faith.

Talking about the beginning of their relationship, Alexa’s husband Carlos said, “We both met at this point in our lives where we built a foundation, where we were both very hungry to grow in our faith. And that’s how our relationship is. And it was great because our whole relationship was based on Bible studies, church and our faith.”

The couple recently wrote a memoir titled What if love is the point? Living for Jesus in a self-righteous world.

Alexa told Fox News that the book was written to inspire more people to get married.

“We were so excited about the wedding and the idea of ​​potentially sharing our testimony with others,” she said.

“It felt like everything in the media portrayed the marriage as weak. It took the sanctity out of marriage. We felt like marriage was a dying thing, and we wanted to breathe new life into it for people and get them excited about it again.”

Last year, the actress made headlines for kicking people back for judging her parenting after accidentally cutting her two-year-old son’s finger into a door.

“Social media can be very frustrating,” she wrote.

“But after seeing the comments about people questioning my parenting and assuming I slammed a door in a fit of anger… absolutely not. I just closed the door. That is literally what happened. I know that I will never be able to please everyone and that people will be ugly to be ugly… and for those people I can only pray for them.”

On the night of the accident, she explained, “While I was getting the kids ready for bed, I locked Kington’s fingers in the bathroom door hinge. His index finger is bruised and a little bloody… but his middle finger took the brunt of it, being cut off the first knuckle at the tip.

“They were unable to reattach the piece of his finger. Poor baby,” Alexa said after the toddler was taken to the hospital.

“But the other 9 are so cute! He will be more than fine.”

As for the former actress’ Spying on children co-star, Daryl Sabara, who played June Cortez in the films, is married to pop star Meghan Trainor.

Sabara, 30, and Trainor, 28, share a one-year-old son, Riley.

Ever since Spying on childrendid Sabara achieve success as the voice of Rex in the Cartoon Network cartoon series Ben 10/Generator Rex.

The Spying on children franchise featured an all-star cast in the three films, including Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Danny Trejo, Alan Cumming, George Clooney and Tony Shalhoub.

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