Spotify Supergrouper Lets Fans Mix & Match Their Favorite Artists In The Band Of Their Dreams — Spotify

Over the years, fans have been surprised by collaborations between their favorite artists on stage and in the recording booth. Remember when Gorillaz and Madonna performed together at the Grammys? what about when? Aerosmith and Run DMC came together for”Walk this way† The possibilities for these creative collaborations are endless – and fans are fed up with their own dream groupings. Enter supergroupera Spotify in-app experience inviting music fans in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines to create and share their ultimate all-star assemblages of artists.

View your playlists and liked songs on Spotify; you’ll probably find that the artists you listen to don’t fit into one genre or era. But maybe you can imagine, say, Luke Combs performing side by side with Khalid and Florence + the machine

Maybe they’re from different parts of the world, maybe some of them are dead, or maybe they just haven’t had a reason to get together yet. Supergrouper gives you the power to bring your dream band of artists together and share your creative combinations with friends and fellow fans. Here’s how:

  1. First and foremost, make sure your Spotify app is up to date
  2. Visit on your mobile device.
  3. Choose your artists: Select the artists you want in your dream band. You can also select their roles, be it ‘The Lead’, ‘The Lyricist’, ‘The Hypeman’ and more. If you’re stuck, you can let Spotify randomize artists for you based on your listening habits.
  4. Add a name: Take your personalization one step further and give your supergroup a special name.
  5. Share and listen: Supergrouper creates a personalized playlist for you with music from all your supergroup artists. Plus, you’ll receive a custom map to share with friends and followers on social media.

While there’s no guarantee that your favorite artists will come together on stage or in the studio, Supergrouper lets you do the best you can. Now you can really imagine – or even try to manifest – a collaboration between Mariah CareyCharlie Puthaand maluma

What are you waiting for? Put on your music director hat and go to to start creating the world’s next music supergroup.

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