Spotify Pie breaks down the genres you listen to, including those you didn’t know existed

An extremely round and colorful version of Spotify Wrapped

If you use Spotify regularly, you will know how much data the audio streaming app has about your listening habits. We see it every year with its flashy Wrapped breakdowns. But there are plenty of other ways to break that data blackbox, and one of the newest and most colorful ways comes from a UCLA student.

Darren Huang, whose online persona is seemingly half trendy clothing model and half coding class assignments on GitHub, has created a genre and artist visualizer called Spotify Pie (via Mashable). All you need to do is log into your Spotify account and accept the permissions its app asks for. The site will then generate a pie chart full of Spotify genres you’re listening to – you may have seen these names floating around in the app as special playlists, but if anyone can tell me how “Gainesville Indie” or “Metropopolis” is going I’d appreciate it. .


Scrolling over each wedge will reveal the genre name, along with a list of associated artists. There are no numbers for this data, but the genres are sorted from most to least listened to. You can also tap the genres in the legend to exclude or re-include them as part of the pie to get a better idea of ​​your listening diet. Below is a list of your top ten artists.

There are a handful of other third-party services that can help you parse your Spotify consumption. Last year at Android Police, we covered a topic called Volt that revolves around creating a profile from lists. But however you do it, there’s no harm in sharing your music tastes, even with the data involved.

Okay, if you’re really concerned about the whole data privacy thing, you can visit Huang’s Github repo for the project.

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